08th October Jothe Jotheyali Kannada Serial Review|Zee Kannada

Firstly here Meera watching a photo of Arya and Anu and remembering 11years back story that Arya sir scolds Meera for putting a photo frame in conference room..now in present yamuna mam says that all are have to adjust for time further says as Mayur said all will change after marriage..here Arya sir trying to call Anu but she won't receive the call at the same time Meera came to there and asks is he calling to somebody so she can dial a number,so Arya says he is calling to Anu but she was not receiving,by hearing this Meera thinks is anu that much busy,so jhende says after marriage she went to there first time so she would talking with neighbours,but Arya says she can receive the call and can update status one time,so jhende says now she is not an employee,she is the daughter in law for this vardhan family...but Arya says he can't accept this irresponsible behaviour from anu...so jhende and Meera both tries to convince Arya sir but he says there should be any problem, how can she forgot to call him further says to bring anu within a hour... jhende says ok and went outside,Meera also follow jhende and says how can anu forget to call Arya sir,but jhende says without knowing anybody's situation we can't judge anything by hearing this Meera gets irritates...here anu trying to find her parents in roadside and calls to them but subbu and pushpa won't attend her call...than anu stops a person who looks like subbu and fees sad by knowing him another person...here Harsha calls bombsquad to Rajanandini vilaasa so Mansi questions why he is doing all this.. Harsha says he is doing all these bcoz of threat to Arya's life...here Arya's car driver came to anu and says Arya sir orders to bring her to office urgently,so anu get in the car and thinks that today she didn't talk to Arya and calls him to inform about what happens with their parents when she got know that Arya's mobile was switched off further thinks it should be better to tell this matter in front of him..
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