Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite hosted by Don Tony and presented by Blue Wire ( Time Stamps:
0:00 Show open
2:05 Hook AEW in ring debut on 12/10/21 Rampage vs Fuego Del Sol
6:28 DT loved CM Punk trolling Long Island crowd, but benefits no one beyond 12/8 Dynamite
6:50 There was never doubt. MJF was getting the hometown hero welcome in Long Island
8:50 AEW Dynamite 12/8/21 recap
13:45 AEW repeats the dumb spot of Brandon Cutler spraying eyes of a Young Buck
15:30 AEW repeats the dumb kick spot with Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole
16:45 FTR vs Lucha Bros rematch scheduled for Rampage
18:20 As predicted, Dante Martin turns on Ricky Starks. But why so fast?
20:55 Julia Hart learns: Malakai Black's mist only affects women
24:00 Jack Evans diverts from negative AEW tweet to corrupt Mexican Police
40:10 AEW didnt do a great job with the build up to Winter Is Coming
52:12 Showing love towards Jamie Hayter
1:13:15 Every promotion had a terrible ratings week
1:19:07 Johnny Gargano bids farewell to NXT - for now
1:24:15 Kyle O'Reilly and Johnny Gargano doing 'the favors' on the way out was the right decision
1:31:20 Johnny Gargano in his farewell accomplished something noone else could in NXT atm
1:37:32 DT loves Riddle, but his reveal as The Shaman was a lazy WWE decision
1:42:00 DT hopes WWE has a few additional segments of Riddle with MSK
1:43:20 NXT needs to develop the next Cena/Reigns. And Breakker could be it
1:52:45 Blackjack Lanza passes away at 86
1:57:12 Cheap plug for 'Favorite Christmas Movie Tournament' running on Patreon
2:05:50 What percentage of Dynamite viewers also watch WWE?
2:08:54 Show close

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