i can easily manifest all i desire
i can get anything i want
i manifest so easily
i embody a heavenly and godly beauty
i have perfect clear glowing skin
i have luxurious looking perfectly styled hair
i have the most enchanting stunning hypnotizing eyes
i have the most enchanting and seductive smile known to human kind
i am extremely photogenic and videogenic
i am a literal work of art a masterpiece
i have an attractive and seductive aura
i have a charming charismatic and flirty personality
my presence is firm, assertive, and strong
i am able to easily attract all my love interests
everybody thinks i am beautiful
everyone is obsessed with me because of my beauty
i have the ability to get whoever i want to fall in love with me because of my beauty
my beauty has a hypnotic effect on people
everybody sees me as beautiful
i am the most beautiful human being ever
everybody is shocked on how beautiful i am
my beauty puts people in a trance
everyone is charmed by my beauty
i am alway beautiful
i am always effortlessly handsome
i have stunningly clear skin, i always look hydrated and glowy
i have enchanting and masculine beauty
people are astounded by my beauty
i have masculine hypnotizing eyes
i am deeply connected with the divine masculine
i have mass amounts of true confidence at all times
my voice is extremely luring, enchanting, beautiful, and deeply masculine
i have excellent metabolism
my muscles are incredibly huge
i have highly defined abs
i am the epitome of a greek god
i am the meaning of greek god
i am the human embodiment of a greek god
i am intimidating
my beauty and masculinity is intimidating
many find my beauty intimidating
when i talk to people they get nervous just by hearing my beautiful voice
my eyes are perfect and beautiful
i have a good looking face and hypnotizing beauty
my beauty can manipulate your mind
my charm and beauty allows me to manipulate or charm whoever i desire
my beauty is hypnotic and insanely seducing
i am hypnotically intimidating
i have the power to seduce anyone and hypnotize anyone simply with a glaze from my eye
my words are sweet like honey and sugar
i can change anyone’s mind with my sweet words
reality can be whatever i choose it to be
whatever i desire comes to me
me and my energy is so addictive nobody can resist it
i am the most seductive, charming, sensual thing on earth
the beauty i possess is god like
i am worshiped
everyone worships me
everyone treats me like a god
everyone worships me like a god
i am loved and worshiped by all i desire
all i desire desire me even more
i am treated like a god
i am a god
i am the epitome of masculine beauty
i am the epitome of a greek god
i have a serious good looking face and hypnotizing beauty
i outstand every single beauty standard in existence
everyone accepts and says my beauty is unique and the most powerful they have ever seen
i always look handsome from every angle, situation, and point of view
everyone gets lost in my manipulative seductive eyes
i have an extremely seductive killer gaze
my voice is strong masculine, deep, addictive and alluring extremely hot and charming
i have the life of my dreams
i get everything i want and everything i desire
I don’t chase i attract
i have everyone i want under the palm of my hand
i am powerful and extremely sensual and seductive
my confidence radiates through my sensual seductive aura
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