Are you looking for a job as a software developer? Then you should have a good resume. Learn how to write one here!
A well written resume will give recruiters an idea of your skills and experience. It also helps you stand out in a sea of other applicants.

▶ Start with an introduction.
This section should introduce yourself and what you do. Include any relevant work history, education, awards, certifications, and special achievements.

▶ Include relevant skills.
You need to highlight your skills and experiences that make you an ideal candidate for the position. If you have worked with a particular technology before, mention it.

▶ Mention any certifications or awards.
Include relevant work experience, education, and other accomplishments.

▶ Explain why you're interested in this position.
If you’re applying for a software development role, explain what skills you bring to the table. You might also mention any projects you worked on or technologies you used.

▶ End with a summary.
A strong resume will help you stand out from other applicants. It’s an opportunity to highlight your strengths and achievements. Include relevant work history, education, and training.

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▶ 01:00 Educational Details
▶ 02:02 Work Experience
▶ 04:42 Skills
▶ 05:22 Professional Summary
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