In this video, Matt and Brian will be answering common interview questions you might experience in your next job hunt for Power Apps and Dataverse.

Creator Kit:

00:00 Intro
1:10 Where do I store my data in Power Apps?
3:55 How does where I store my data impact what type of app I choose?
6:08 What type of other decisions go into what type of app I build?
7:30 I'm getting the wrong answer when I search my SharePoint list (it's missing rows). What could cause that?
12:03 What else can I do with my apps?
13:19 What type of coding does one use in Power Apps?
15:44 What is Dataverse?
19:14 What are a few of ways to send data to a data source?
22:20 What are some best practices for end user experience for an app?
27:05 What are some common user interface best practices?

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