I do a lot of resume writing on the side for those who can't afford expensive resume writing services and need help transitioning into tech.. Here's my quick guide to improving your resume: .. Your header should be simple. List only: .. Your name .. Current city & state .. Phone number .. Email (use only a professional one with your name in it) .. LinkedIn (set one up if you don't have one) .. You have limited space to tell an effective story about your accomplishments, so don't waste that space on a summary. . Use LinkedIn for more in-depth detail about yourself. . Structure your resume in reverse chronological order. ⌛. Most recent work first and so on. Include: .. job title .. company name .. city & state .. timeframe: .. If you don't remember the exact months, adding just the years will suffice. . Each position should only have 3-4 bullet points focused on your most impactful accomplishments. Think about: .. What did you do?. How did you do it?. What did it change/impact? (try to quantify this) .. My bullet point format: .. [Action] + [Task/Project], resulting in [Metric/Result].. [Action] + [Metric/Result] + [Task/Project] .. Example: .. Spearheaded the development of an internal knowledge base within Salesforce to comprehensively document issue resolutions and standardize troubleshooting processes which improved the overall efficiency and productivity of the NOC team by 60%.. Metrics that I often use consist of: .. Increase in efficiency (%) .. Delivered ahead of schedule .. Increased x by y% .. Increased resolution rate (%) .. Reduced costscomplaints .. You get the idea.. Listing skills or tools you've used can be sprinkled within bullet points or in skill buckets as such: .. Data Analytics: SQL, Tableau, Python .. Security Frameworks & Compliance: CIS, NIST, ISO 27001, SOC 2 .. Networking: BGP, OSFP, Checkpoint, FortiGate, Cisco ASA .. The last half is for things like: .. Education .. Certifications .. Mentoring .. Volunteering .. Awards .. Use free ATS resume scanners for quick comparisons of your resume vs. jobs you're interested in. . A few I suggest are: .. Jobscan .. Skillsyncer .. ResyMatch.io. -CyberKenna
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