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While I was on a break from posting on YouTube during the earlier part of this year I created several subliminals, some by request. This is one of them!

Impact of this subliminal

+ Cancel and clear all falsehoods in the home
+ You have a warm loving home
+ Your heart energy is retrieved for yourself
+ Any and all craftwork against your sense of home is categorically cancelled and all karmic justice is rendered
+ Your home is blessed
+ Your sense of security is blessed
+ Your security is protected in divine right order
+ You deserve to be nourished at home
+ You persevere as it relates to respect, love and care at home
+ You are loved enough by the rights sources
+ You are well fed enough irrespective of negative intentions of others or negative histories
+ Your subconscious is on board and closed to all manipulations
+ You child self feels safe and secure
+ You feel happy and nourished at home
+ You are in comforting space
+ Any and all attempt to alter, artificially represent or degrade your home are cancelled
+ There is true comfort in your life
+ You have all the tools you need in your home
+ You are surrounded by good and genuinely trustworthy people

[Audio intention disabled for those in active alignment with harming others and negative energies Read as WARNING Light Path Only - DO NOT LISTEN to this if you participate in Left Hand work of any kind]

I will also later this week be making the long form version of this audio (and others) available on Patreon - in the appropriate tier depending on the topic.

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ATTENTION || I want to make sure this community considers that when it comes to topics, less is more. Please do not overwhelm yourself with mindset work. Choose 2, 3 max and stick to those until you see a result.

Our goal is to help 500,000 people around the world reach emotional release, peaceful alignment and success in and achievement of their material goals using high quality effective subliminals, EFT guidance and personalized coaching.

This recording is intended to help you:

+change your self perception as it relates to the highlighted issue
+dissolve major blocks using forgiveness
+powerfully expedite your own natural resonance to your goal
improve your self esteem overall as it relates to this subject
+help your subconscious get on board with the new positive focus

Remember, to give is to receive - please make it a practice to do a special positive intention for the people in the comments when you read this.

By Law the Legal Disclaimer:

This audio is provided for information only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified practitioner.

The contents of the recording are not to be considered as medical advice, and if you have any doubts or concerns about your health you are urged to seek advice from your doctor or medically qualified physician in the first instance.

Venus Essentials cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of this recording or the content herein.

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