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When it comes to winning the lottery, it starts within our own minds!
Many people are very skeptical about winning the lottery because they lack the appropriate beliefs to win it for themselves! This is a professional grade short and free audio subliminal designed to provide you the basic mental structure to win the lottery. It contains only 8 lottery affirmations. If you want a much more powerful and effective custom audio subliminal with more affirmations specific to you personally, then check out our custom audio subliminal page.

NOTE: To skip to the audio subliminal click at or around time 00:59. All audio subliminals created by NeoOneness Subliminals are designed to be played during sleep and your daily activities. NONE of them contain any theta, beta, or any other brain-altering tones.

The affirmations within this video include:
-I deserve to win the lottery now
-It is possible for me to win lottery games now
-I am comfortable playing lottery games now
-It is possible for me to win large sums of money by playing the lottery now
-I am ready to receive large amounts of money from winning the lottery now
-It is possible for me to win the lottery multiple times now
-I can win any form of lottery games now
-I give myself permission to win the lottery now

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