#Failed It's the end of the season. If you were going to get your feet wet and you didn't take note...

January & February are the slowest months for claims. If it's a slow month for claims; it's a slllooooooowwwwww month for new adjusters. Now, if you are trying to chase money you're probably going on a different route for the next 18 months.

Attend if:
- YOU searched everywhere...
- YOU heard, "you need experience"...
- YOU don't know what to do about licensing...

9 - 18 months between deployments is rough. So let's look at 3 jobs every day for a month. #3claimchallenge...

... look at 3 #claimsadjuster jobs in a different state every day for a month.
Vote for which state. Daily. Starting December 1, 2021 10AM EST.


1st vote wins!

Starting December 1, 2021 10AM EST.
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