♡ Subliminals are audios that contain affirmations hidden targeted to the subconscious mind. The affirmations can not be heard consciously, but the subconscious mind can accept them. After the subconscious mind accepts the affirmations, the brain will order cells and DNA to build the contents of the affirmations. That's why some people experience drastic physical changes that normally will be impossible.

- extremely motivated to learn English
- easy to learn English
- easily learn and adapt the English language with ease
- highly fluent in English
- learn English naturally
- memorize and understand the English language
- brain completely absorb, memorize, and retain new English words
- highly knowledgeable with English formal words, casual words
- have amazing English language learning progress everyday
- notice remarkable improvements with your English everyday
- always be super comfortable and confident to speak English
- always calm and at ease when speaking English
- English language naturally flows to you
- always speak English correctly and fluently all the time
- always write English correctly and fluently all the time,
- easily and correctly understand English speakers all the time
- fully comprehend the English language
- understand the English language exactly like a native English speaker
- your accent sounds exactly as your ideal desired English accent
- speak and sound exactly like an English native speaker
- have the most beautiful and desirable English accent and intonation when speaking English
- people are reminded by a native English speaker when they hear you speak English
- perfectly fluent in the English language
- have a nice smooth-flowing speaking voice
- confidently speak English
- have the resources to continuously learn English
- have a perfect grammar
- have perfect punctuations
- easily pronounce words like a master
- easily understand the meaning of a sentence
- have great listening skills
- understand English no matter what the accents
- have great writing skills
- English words flow smoothly as you write
- have perfect literacy in the English language
- have a wide span of vocabulary
- knowing every English, slang, jokes, and sarcasm
- amaze everyone with my perfect English speaking skills
- can interpret all English sentences without google translate
- can make proper grammar without the Grammarly app
- memorize all English words
- new English words that you find are stored in your brain forever
- all English words are stored neatly in your brain
- use English like you use your daily language
- master English like you aster your daily language
- understand all sentences in English that you meet anywhere
- easily understand all English sentences that you hear
- master English well and correctly
- so confident with your English skills
- English is very easy and fun
- understand English well
- can easily understand English poetry
- can easily understand English literature
- easily understand English news
- easily understand old books in English
- understand it's all about English perfectly
- can interpret and understand any meaning in English correctly
- communicate well using English
- answer confidently when someone asks in English
- answer all English questions properly and correctly
- speak English fluently
- understand when anyone speaks in English
- people think your English skill is very good

♡permanent results
♡can be downloaded
♡earphones are optional
♡positive affirmations only
♡can listen as much as you want

♡don't forget to drink water
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