Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands? In this interview, Shaikmeera will walk us through his job search journey and how he landed a job in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a country that has several benefits to offer when it comes to skilled ex-pat jobs. If you are a skilled Indian professional and looking for a job abroad, then the Netherlands is a pretty good option to work and settle.

Shaikmeera is a GIC member who joined the GIC community back in 2020. He actively participated in all the weekly meetups, conversations in the Discord channel and gained several insights from the community that helped him finally land a job in the Netherlands.

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00:18 - Introduction of the guest
01:04 - Shaikmeera introduces himself and when he joined GIC
03:19 - How GIC helped in the Netherlands job search?
05:45 - The process followed to get a job in the Netherlands
08:15 - Minimum salary and 30% tax rule in the Netherlands
11:49 - What happens when you turn 30 in the Netherlands?
13:29 - Platform used to fina a job in the Netherlands
14:18 - Daily job search activities
16:08 - Frequency of job application on LinkedIn
16:56 - The interview process in the Netherlands
19:38 - Duration of the interview process
20:55 - Resume' and Cover letter format used for the job application
23:02 - Questions asked in the interview process
24:40 - Example answers to some of the interview questions
25:36 - Money spent during and after the job search
29:05 - Visa process in the Netherlands embassy v/s German embassy
30:54 - Tips for Indian job seekers trying to get a job in the Netherlands

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