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Hi, I'm Taurus Vibes. I make safe subliminals for anyone to use. I wish to see everyone succeed and flourish in life. ♡
I use The Law Of Attraction to ensure results & give all listeners fast, safe, and permanent results.
All my subliminals have a small booster at the beginning & end! Using a separate booster is not necessary, but is possible.

My subscribers are called Sunshines, join the family!

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❝This subliminal is made with love for you, with the following benefits...
✰ get your ideal job
✰ earn 6 figures a month
✰ earn an abundant amount of money
✰ get a raise /promotion easily
✰ loved by colleagues and your boss
✰ sweet and kind clients / customers
✰ be confident in what you're doing
✰ always excel at job interviews
✰ easily get great opportunities offered
✰ look cool and calm during interviews
✰ get hired quickly
✰ your job is nearby
✰ easily accessible job through transport
✰ you always live close to your job and easily find housing nearby
✰ complete immunity to getting fired
✰ complete immunity to fights /abuse / inequality at work
✰ complete immunity to getting scolded or left out
✰ complete immunity to bullies at work
✰ complete immunity to the company you work for going bankrupt / failing

✰ benefits can be found in the description of this video

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This video is
✦ Downloadable (MP3, WAV, etc.)
✦ Contains only positive affirmations
✦ Safe to use with any other subliminal and won't clash (I have an anti-clash formula in every subliminal)
✦ Works with one earbud
✦ Works with speakers
✦ Can be listened overnight

For the best results
✶ Listen daily for 30 - 60 minutes (unless the title says 'listen once; then only listen a max of 10 times a day)
✶ Drink plenty of water before, while, and after listening (at least 2L a day).
✶ Take a 5 minute break between different topics.
✶ Let go of your desires.
✶ Use LOA to your advantage.

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