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This subliminal is made with a new formula named ‘S-01’
The highlights of this formula are:
-Desired results only
-Booster (protection + luck + manifestation + more...)
-Self love, serotonin/dopamine boost
-Perfect overall health
-Manifest through your soul/true essence
-All 5 of your bodies (from yoga), the physical body (Annamaya Kosha), energy body (Pranamaya Kosha), emotional body (Manomaya Kosha), mental body (Vijnanamaya Kosha) and the bliss body (Anandamaya Kosha) are perfectly balanced and in their best and optimal condition
-Law of assumption/living in the end
-Mental diet
-Immediate results and signs in the 3d
-Confident in your manifestations
-Compliments on your results
-Use of physics (and other scientific) universal laws and formulae in affirmations


Link to the music version (Fever - Enhypen):

The benefits of this sub (UNISEX) are:
☆have perfect, desired, unique, stunning, mesmerising idol beauty and features
☆have pale white, milky, bright, smooth, flawless and soft skin all over my body (or desired skin tone)
☆be the literal definition of perfection
☆have skin smoother and clearer than glass, smooth and soft like butter
☆the concept of korean glass skin was started because of your perfect skin
☆even the most advanced technology in the world wouldn't be able to find a single fault in your perfect, flawless, moisturised skin
☆have the most natural yet surreal, CG looking features
☆be the literal embodiment of kpop beauty yet there's no one like you
☆everyone's your fan/ simp
☆You are naturally attractive, you don't even have to try
☆skin is completely hairless in all desired areas; face, chest, breast, shoulders, back, neck, ears, hands, arms, under arms, private areas, thighs, knees, calves, legs, feet, etc.
☆your facial features perfectly compliment each other
☆desired face; desired width, size, length, colour, texture and thickness of your nose, forehead, lips, philtrum, chin, mandible, ears, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, pupils, sclera, teeth, mouth, tongue, jaw, skull
☆perfectly aligned, symmetrical, slim, firm, bright, CG-like face
☆perfect. lean, long, slim, flawless, firm, smooth, bright and elegant neck
☆perfect, 90 degree aligned square, bright shoulders
☆slim, hollow and firm, bright underarms
☆perfect, confident posture which represents your naturally confident nature
☆slim, lean, toned, firm, arms, bright arms, hands and fingers
☆ideal sized, firm, perky breasts
☆ideal sized, small, tiny, firm, microscopic, toned, waist
☆desired, tiny, perfect, tight waist and abs
☆tight, 11 lined, firm abs
☆slim belly that is concave inwards
☆desired body shape/ curves
☆perfect, firm and toned hips and booty which is in your desired shape, size, width, colour, length, thickness, elasticity
☆pretty thigh gap which is in your desired shape, size, width, length
☆pretty thighs which are in your desired shape, size, width, length., colour, thickness
☆pretty, perfect knees which are in your desired shape, size, width, length., colour, thickness
☆pretty, perfect calves which are in your desired shape, size, width, length., colour, thickness
☆pretty, perfect feet which are in your desired shape, size, width, length., colour, thickness
☆long, lean, slim, toned, perfect legs
☆ideal height + weight
☆self love + confidence
☆be a natural success magnet
☆you keep getting 10000 times more popular each second that passes by
☆Infinite IQ; IQ higher than Einstein, Edison, Kim Namjoon, Newton, Galileo, Aryabhatta combined
☆always get the first prize/ place/ win in every audition, exam, competitions, viva, interview, test, etc.
☆best dancer; moves smoother than butter, learn the most difficult choreography in seconds
☆be an extremely fast learner and your retention period is forever
☆best singer; voice makes people awe struck and literally go blank for a while, sing at any pitch, scale and variations anytime
☆rapping skills; Rapping comes naturally to you, tongue moves faster than the speed of light, speak and rap faster than the speed of light and flawlessly at that
☆spiritually in tune with the true essence and flow of dancing, singing and rapping
☆be extremely good, best, flawless, perfect, pro, advanced in each and every sports and games; badminton, football, basketball, table tennis, horse riding, hockey, wrestling, weight lifting, kabaddi, running, volleyball, races, rock paper and scissors, and every other sport
☆You are so perfect, you leave people speechless
+much more

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// science student(non-medical)

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