Saebyeok Subliminal | Cc + Simps + Confidence | Detailed affirmations

This subliminal is extremely powerful with its detailed and exaggerated informations. I added a placebo effect booster for y’all to get results instantly.

***Look exactly like Hoyeon Jung***
Identical face shape, face size, facial proportion, facial structure, and side profile as Hoyeon Jung
Identical forehead and hairline as Hoyeon Jung
Identical eye shape, eye size, eye color and iris as Hoyeon Jung
Identical eyebrows shape, eyebrows size and eyelashes as Hoyeon Jung
Identical cheekbones and cheeks as Hoyeon Jung
Identical nose shape, nose size, nose bridge, alar base, and philtrum as Hoyeon Jung
Identical lip shape, lip size, lip color and smile as Hoyeon Jung
Identical chin and jawline as Hoyeon Jung

***Flawless Skin***
Have a healthy skin on face and body instantly
Have a clear skin on face and body instantly
Have a smooth skin on face and body instantly
Have a youthful glowing skin on face and body instantly
Have a firm skin on face and body instantly
Free of skin conditions and imperfection on face and body instantly
Even skin tone on face and body instantly
Have your desired skin tone instantly
Free of dark spots and scars on face and body
Free of dull skin
Free of skin imperfections
Have your desired skin tone

***Simps and Confidence***
People always mistaken you as Hoyeon Jung
People always tell you that you remind them of Hoyeon Jung all the time
People always compliments you for looking exactly like Hoyeon Jung
People always talk about how pretty you are to their friends
People always slide into your dm’s just to tell you that you are too perfect
Big designer brands are drying to get you to model for them
You give expensive model vibes
You give rich girl vibes
You’re radiating confidence everywhere you go
You look stunning and expensive 24/7
You always feel good about yourself
You know that you’re too perfect for anyone
You’re aware that you’re perfect in every way
You make people turn their head around just to see you
You are able to effortlessly attract your desired person/people into your life
You’re the standard of beauty
Everything about you is simply aesthetic
You receive confessions 24/7
Everyone becomes nervous around you as they’re intimidated by your looks
Everyone simps on your post in social medias
Everyone thinks you’re out of their league
Everyone wants to get your attention
Everyone wants to be close to you
Everyone wants to protect you
Everyone respects you

Saebyeok Subliminal
Saebyeok Squid Game
Saebyeok Subliminal
Saebyeok carbon copy
Saebyeok Edit
Hoyeon Jung
Hoyeon Jung Squid Game
Hoyeon Jung Subliminal
Hoyeon Jung Squid Game
Hoyeon Jung Edit

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