【Job interview】1-1.How to introduce yourself? ~Tips for passing a job interview in Japan~

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Are you planning on working in Japan in the future?
Are you interested in Japanese culture?
→→ Let's learn Japanese business manners with us ★ !

This series is the story about Minh-kun & Ui-san.
Minh-kun just started work at a Japanese company but he is still very new to Japanese culture and their business scene. So his Japanese friend Ui-san helps him get through each event with her experiences and knowledge about how to work with Japanese people, the way Japanese people thinking and the skills and manners that are required.
Let's watch how Minh-kun will adapt to a whole new environment and grow as a salaryman in a Japanese company!

00:00 Opening
00:15 Reunion of Minh-kun and Ui-san
01:32 Lesson 1. Important things during the interview
02:13 Self Introduction Points
03:57 Next video preview
04:10 HIS Method Introduction

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