【Chatting & FFXIV】 Heavensturn 2023 & hatsumoude with chat!

Playing Final Fantasy XIV with viewers! I play on Primal/Lamia! Please no spoilers during FF14 streams, I am still a sprout! Backseating is ok but be patient and let me make final decisions. #vtuber #livestream

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Welcome to today’s corporate meeting. Today’s agenda includes:
- We're gonna complete the Heavensturn event for anyone who wants to clear it at the same time, voice act the cutscenes, and just have a chill time hanging out and snacking to start the year!
- Visit me in game if you want me to read your fortune for the year!

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Hello! I am Obake PAM, Vtuber CEO of Playasia!

- #PAMservice​ (fan art)
- #PAMdemonium​ (general)
- #onlyPAMs​ (NSFW)*
*ANY NSFW art MUST be tagged (#onlyPAMs​) instead of the main fan art tag. Do not use both.

Please use hashtags instead of direct tagging on Twitter! It helps make your posts easier to find & prevents them from getting buried in a sea of replies.

Please note on post if you would prefer your art not be featured in stream or on thumbnails.

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1. Do not direct customer service questions to PAM. Direct such inquiries here https://www.play-asia.com/contact/​​
2. Be chill & civil in chat, no hate speech, slurs, spam, trolling, insensitive remarks etc. If you see such comments, do not engage. Ignore, block and/or report.
3. No doxxing/discussing anyone’s personal information, even if it is public knowledge, regardless if it is a vtuber or user in chat. Let’s respect each others’ privacy.
4. Avoid sensitive topics like politics & religion.
5. Don’t talk about Obake PAM in the chat of any other streams. Respect the streamers and keep topics relevant to their own streams. Bringing up something other streamers did recently or will do in the future is ok in my stream, but do not talk about others who are currently live.
6. No spoilers! I play games for the experience, if I know what happens, it will ruin the game for me. Backseat gaming is welcome when I ask.
7. DO NOT mention the view count! I do not want to know while I'm live.

Point redeems & chat commands are listed here!

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Playasia, home of the Japanese video games, scale figures, nendoroids, original soundtracks, merch, exclusive physical releases and so much more!

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Stream BGM (unless otherwise specified) by Hideous "Nobuo" Kojima

PAM Art (other than model) by 3pmdraw

Stream avatars by Keigo Gomi

Model by Aki Mechdoll
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