⭐⭐YG trainee ⭐⭐....( subliminal )

hey cupcakes....i'm here with another subliminal....
so, this subliminal is design you to be a trainee/ idol under yge..




benefits -
✅become a trainee undar yg
✅become so good at singing, dancing and rapping
✅become best trainee at yge
✅ become so friendly with every trainee of yge
✅ get permission to hang out with co-idol, ex- idol of yge
✅ pass all round of online audition of yge
✅ accept through online audition in yge
✅ bebut after one year of training
✅ be treat by yge so well
remember of drink a tons of water
listen in low volume
stay positive
listen as much as u want

this a simple subliminal but powerful...while listening this sub i got headache..so take a break if u got headache...

music :
i didn't own any music of this video...
so, the credit goes to it's respective owner

i want it, i get it..
111, 222, 555
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