✨ACE EVERY JOB INTERVIEW✨⚠️Intense subliminal ⚠️✨ Attract extreme wealth + desired career [Lofi]

This subliminal is for anyone wanting to ace a job interview and achieve their desired career. It is also used to attract extreme wealth and financial freedom. Play this audio at a comfortable volume (you can use it with or without headphones :). For the best results play on loop overnight. Remember keep yourself hydrated and to take breaks every once in a while.

✨Affirmations ✨
I am thriving at my job.
I can get promotions easily.
I can obtain large sums of money effortlessly.
I can attain complete financial freedom.
My income constantly raises higher.
My family, friends and I all have the highest-paying jobs.
I have multiple high income streams.
Making money is effortless for me.
I can obtain my dream job/career
Job interviews are easy for me.
I am well-prepared for my interviews.
I am confident, calm and charismatic.
Bosses love me.
I am the most desirable candidate.
I am knowledgeable about stocks and investments.
I am consistently learning more about making even more money.
I am free of and immune to any forms of financial instability/poverty/debt.
I always finance with tact and responsibility
I have perfect financial management skills and strive to make them even better.
Any and all forms of money I attain is always legal + safe for use
Always remember to be thankful for your fortunes
I have immense luck and always get gifted large sum of money.
Each time I listen I become richer.
I am accepted into any desired job / career / internship position; receive acceptance emails & phone calls from any and all jobs / careers / internships I apply to.
I have the best resume/CV/portfolio.
I am the most intelligent and highest performing employee.
Everyone adores me as a colleague.
I am completely immune to any all and forms of depression, anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, & burnout brought on by work at your desired career.
I have the best and many benefits (affordable health insurance, paid sick leave / vacation, tuition reimbursement, employee incentives).
I know my worth, I am worthy of any job/career.
I always look professional at my job.
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