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˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ hi! im a new subliminal creator! feel free to request any type of subliminal in the comments! C:

— this is a glow up sub, but it includes desired everything affirmations, so it doubles as a desired everything subliminal. I also use you and i affirmations, and also afformations (ex: I am so perfect / why am I so perfect?), so it will give you better results too^^
— if there is something you don’t want, block out the affs by thinking “i will not get __”
— I put a lot of work into this so I’m sure you’ll get results^^
— listening once is already more than enough, i swear you'll get results no matter what so *please* be careful

summary of the benefits + affs: (the original affs are very detailed and over 20 pages long, this is just a short summary)

★ - subliminals always work for you, fast, permanent results, negative thoughts don’t affect you, LOA works for you every time, better results every millisecond
★ - have the ultimate glow up, look like a model, all features are enhanced
★ - perfect body, desired body size, shape, proportions, lose or gain weight in desired areas, perfect shoulders, collarbones, arms, hands, belly, waist, hips, legs, feet
★ - desired skull and face, perfect skull and face, angel skull, perfect face proportions, slim face, desired forehead, eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, nose bridge, nose, lips, jawline, cheekbones, etc, perfect side profile
★ - perfect teeth, straight teeth, white teeth, desired tongue position, healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath
★ - desired face when making any expression
★ - perfect, desired hair length and texture, free of oily, tangled, knotted, frizzy, rusted hair, free of bald patches, free of hair falling out, have thick, silky, healthy hair
★ - free of all unwanted body and facial hairs, never grow body hair
★ - free of all unwanted body odors, always smell your signature scent / desired scent
★ - perfect, clear, clean, youthful skin
★ - desired speaking and singing voice, speak desired language at native level, immune to voice cracking, deliver speeches perfectly, sing and rap better than any singer or rapper, vocal range is eight octaves
★ - become very productive and motivated to study, get good grades effortlessly without studying, book smart and street smart, extremely high IQ, succeeds at everything, achieve everything you want, always find a solution for things
★ - get accepted into desired university, pass job interview, have a high salary, immune to failing, good at everything you try, you are everyone’s idol and role model
★ - extremely lucky, only attract positive things, immune to bad luck, free of people and things with harmful intentions
★ - perfect mental health, positive mindset, free of any unwanted mental health issues, detach from all bad memories, all the embarrassing/regretful/bad things you have done or said are all erased, become optimistic, live happily, only good things happen to you
★ - look good in photos and videos all the time
★ - desired friends, family, significant other, manifest friends who truly care about you, manifest kind parents that give you what you want, manifest ideal partner
★ - go to desired school, ideal school life, teachers don’t call on you (if desired), understand every subject, free of embarrassing moments
★ - perfect health, good sleep schedule, always hydrated, motivated to work out and stay healthy, always in shape, good energy, perfect eyesight, hearing
★ - hottest person in your entire school, desired people are crushing on you
★ - manifest so much money, become a billionaire overnight, able to buy whatever you want
★ - all your dreams and desires are a reality, you have a bright future to look forward to, manifest anything easily, have everything you want


➳♡゛notes: its ok to speed it up! you can listen without headphones and you can also play it in the background while doing anything, feel free to listen as many times as you want, preferably 1-10 times, but you can still listen more than that^^
➳♡゛pls be very careful when listening to it! it’s really powerful with affirmations that are exaggerated for faster results and it forces you to get your desired results.
➳♡゛make sure to drink water if you experience headaches and sickness while listening
➳♡゛all you have to do is believe that it works to get results!

. my name is han
. she/her
. bjt time
. song used: Every day (Prod. by Lukrembo)

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