☕ Career Coffee Chat Live ☕ Leveling the Paying Field

☕ Career Coffee Chat Live ☕ Leveling the Paying Field - Get paid for what you actually do! Frustrated that your pay doesn't reflect your hard work? Tune in and learn how to "level the paying field" with career expert: Rick Gillis!

Rick has created the QTNT® (pronounced: Quotient) Personal Value Calculation process to teach workers (as well as their employers!) how to identify and assign value to individual job performance and personal accomplishment in an all-new way.

Rick, the creator of this very simple, easy to use, performance metric shares with you how the QTNT truly does level the ‘paying’ field.

The result is that not only will equal pay for equal work be realized, but even better, proper pay for outstanding performance becomes the new normal.

Leveling the Paying Field is the sum of Rick Gillis’ varied and colorful career in sales, as a manager, author, speaker, award-winning media host, and now, as an indisputable thought leader.

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