◇ 'Adulting' subliminal ~ ◇

◇ Adulting subliminal ◇

This subliminal will ensure you a perfect adulthood.

Contents ~

- Human Wikipedia and calculator bundle -

◇photographic memory
◇ Ability to process and remember all desired information instantly
◇ Ability to get full marks on any mock exam or official exam
◇ Ability to get full marks on homework or any category of mock test
◇ Ability to learn or study anything easily as well as instantly and effectively.

- Bonus study bundle -

◇Ability to score full marks on all mock and official exams with or without studying
◇ Ability to get into desired University or College.
◇ Highest intelligence sub ~ gain 250 iq

- Little red driving hood sub -
(Mainly applies to the UK, though it pretty much works in any country)

◇ Pass all driving tests with flying colours
- 50/50 marks on Theory tests
-100% on Practical tests
- Driving instructor doesn't think twice before giving you your perfect pass.
- Endless knowledge on pole signs, road signs
- Instantly alert of all hazards
- Perfectly safe when driving any vehicle
◇ Flawless driving
◇ Car free of all accidents
◇ Free of getting speeding tickets(as tempting as it is, it does NOT mean you should speed).
◇ Free of parking tickets(but please don't park where you aren't supposed to!)

- Oh this bread so yummy bundle -

◇ You get your desired job in desired location
◇ Any job interview goes perfectly, and you get the job instantly
◇ You 1 centillion times more prosperous than you were before, out of nowhere
◇ You attract money (yes, from your parents too, please use this responsibly....oh what am I kidding...)
◇Incapable of getting fired or 'sacked'

- Catalyst bundle -

◇ Blockage remover

◇ Booster

◇ Mental health sub

◇ Negative/unwanted affirmation repellent

You also don't need to be an adult to use this sub...buuuuuut most of these are things you can't do as a child. Take that as you will.

- Music -

Quantic ~ time is the enemy

The gif is not mine, but I did colour it :3

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