महत्वपूर्ण Employee Rights in India को जाने, Know Your Labour Rights in Hindi

महत्वपूर्ण Employee Rights in India को जाने, Know Your Labour Rights in Hindi.

All employees should know what is Employee rights in India? Here are some rights and benefits guaranteed by law to every Employees of India, which you must know about.


India Leaves and Holiday Policy in India | भारत में अवकाश के नियम जानें - https://youtu.be/FxblUatFDaA

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Take Home Salary or Minimum Wages कैसे चेक करें | in hand salary calculator https://youtu.be/VXCefLLOBj8

Minimum Wages 26000 मासिक होना चाहिए, Delhi Govt. के proposal पर फार्मूला सहित Suggestion भेजा.
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Central Government hiked Salary not given to Contract Worker, Main reason , and how to handle.

Useful information for working under the Contract Labour Act | Hindi Help for Court Material

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Unemployment Benefits - Company अगर Job से Terminate करे तो ESIC साथ दे, मगर कैसे

ESIC Act Rules and Benefit Kya hai? Scheme से कैसे जुड़े व् शिकायत कहां करे?

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What is Contract Workers City wise hiked Minimum Wages under Central Govt., If not found then

Labour Ministry Delhi (दिल्ली श्रम मंत्रालय) जाने कौन क्या है और कहां करे शिकायत?

Labour Department Delhi ने Direct Contract के लिए Advisory किया जारी, पढ़िए मतलब

जब Company Job से निकाले तो Termination Letter लें या Resign दें, जाने Full Details

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