क्या है YSCL का सच ? | The Truth Behind YSCL | YSCL League 2021

Good day, everyone! I Jatin Verma welcomes YSCL family members to the YSCL YouTube channel. YSCL is India's most prominent talent search portal. The primary objective is to bring some of the most essential hidden aspects of YSCL to light. From its inception, I've been a part of the YSCL.So, I have seen the YSCL founder's enthusiasm, hard work, and desire for you and the players. It took a lot of painstaking attention to detail when you guys went to give a trial for that one trial. So, I'm standing in front of you to address some of the often asked questions. The YSCL is more than just a cricket league; it's a family made up of fans, players, coaches from all across the country.

A lot of effort is put in to polish the cricket talent of people who come from rural as well as cities and those who are underprivileged. YSCL has three offices in the Delhi NCR area and a help desk where you may acquire all the information you need. They are a member of the YSCL as well. Now we'll look at some frequently asked questions. The most common question is why, given that YSCL is a non-profit organization, a fee of Rs 6,000 is required after qualifying trials. So, why 6,000 rupees? Why is there a charge to register for a test?

These questions are further misconstrued as :

(i)Is YSCL real or fake or fraud?

(ii) Whether the player gets the sponsorship or not? If yes, then how?

All of these questions will be answered. Before I go any further, I'd like to clarify what the term "fake" actually means. The fakes do not follow through with their promises—the person who does not put in more effort to fulfill the promises made to the client. Now analyze YSCL on the basis of this definition. If fake is a North pole, YSCL is South Pole as YSCL not only make promises but also fulfilled them. And this is reflected prima facie on the social media channels and the channel of YSCL. If due to naturally occurring, trials are delayed, information of the same is given to the player there and then through the mail, call, message. The entire team of YSCL means their words. As to settle the immediate occurred situation YSCL ran pillar to post to fix it anyhow.

Another pertinent question is regarding the selectors and coaches that come into the ground during trials and matches.

Furthermore, Why are the fees 6,000 rupees? For your convenience, that cost is charged as due to that fee in Delhi NCR; three YSCL offices are open where you may contact and get all of your questions addressed by the appropriate executive. This depicts the one-to-one relationship between two YSCL families, as one helps the other. That sum covers employee salaries, office electricity bills, and other necessary expenses.YSCL is associated with Board of Sports in India. And it's a zero-profit organization. In trial BCCI level coaches, arrangement, best of grounds for trials and matches. More on if some of them are having the misconception that matches are not conducted fairly or after giving money players are selected. So, why not give it a try?

This is the organization that is governed by the law of the land so if unfair means would be done by any players, strict action will be taken against him. But, by God's Grace till yet, we don't have any such case. As a result, it appears that YSCL is not a fraud if the date, time, and location of the trials are confirmed appropriately, and a live update of the same can be obtained on the YSCL's Instagram and YouTube channels. The YSCL team travels from Delhi to all 23 states to conduct trials, demonstrating their commitment to finding the top cricket talent in the country. To make the arrangements for all of this, you'll need to put in a lot of effort.

In conclusion, it is very easy to raise objections or to point someone out, but the reality is revealed when we put ourselves in the shoes of others. Some people believe that getting selected in the YSCL national league is a small task this is the case; why not give it a try and get selected in the top 250 players? So, avoid all the humor as YSCL is packed with all the information you need to follow the cricket.

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