˗ˏˋ☁️ˎˊ˗ always win

What is this video?
This video contains sped and layered audio affirmations. The music, rain, or pretended silence (affirmations turned down low) is overlaid audio based on listener's preferences. Subliminal affirmations are a technique used to reach goals by targeting the subconscious mind, through positive conditioning. This video is short because affirmations are layered.

DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for users who practice manifestation, affirmations, and associated concepts. If you do not, please respect others' beliefs. My content should not be used in place of any medical treatment or as any sort of guarantee. Do not interpret listed benefits literally, as affirmations are purposely exaggerated for emphasizing desired change.

꒰ NIKE ꒱

This topic contains Highly Exaggerated affirmations about:
○ Always win in all situations, under all circumstances, in all ways, be destined to win
○ Be a prodigy in every area of art, music, and sports, instantly master skills within seconds
○ Your mind is overflowing with the most creative ideas and smartest plans ever
○ Come out on top in literally any sort of conflict, always be in a reality where you win
○ Be super talented at literally every form of art, your works amaze the world
○ Have the most melodious, captivating, mesmerizing voice in existence
○ Have a vocal range wider than the entire universe itself and the most perfect vocal techniques
○ Know the best way to win anything, always make your strengths stand out
○ Be extremely skilled in all athletic activities, be super strong, agile, and flexible
○ You possess a permanent victory charm, be infinitely lucky in all situations
○ Always be ranked number one in your ideal categories
○ Win any art, music, or sports related competitions, pass any auditions faster than light
○ Reviewers and interviewers are naturally inclined to choose you because they see your potential
○ Reviewers and interviewers instantly have the best impression of you
○ Everything lines up perfectly for you to win at everything

Group playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxnrh3w9HXfiwQ72AFGPQzXz3n7hD4CIy

Music: DooPiano Butterfly
Rain Version: https://youtu.be/AxkfY0ewSns
Silent Version: https://youtu.be/LMho4wEo2Gc

This audio is recommended for usage within or in place of the following 16 subliminal programming categories:
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