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Prepare an evaluation report on the implementation of the National Urban Policy in selected countries. The contract is expected to start in January and is for a duration of three 3 months. The evaluation will be conducted over the period of three months spread over five months, including the desk review, from January to June It is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.

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Prepare an evaluation report on the implementation of the National Urban Policy in selected countries. The contract is expected to start in January and is for a duration of three 3 months. The evaluation will be conducted over the period of three months spread over five months, including the desk review, from January to June It is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.

It develops normative guidance and cutting-edge tools through the following communities of urban practices: i policy, legislation and governance; ii urban planning, finance and economic development; iii urban basic services; and iv land, housing and shelter. It also ensures that the cross-cutting areas of resilience, safety and the social inclusion issues of human rights; gender; children, youth and older persons; and disability among others. NUP facilitates the role of cities in the transformation of the national economy by providing a coordinating framework and action plan to bring coherence across various urban sectors and scales of urban management.

The Section works towards increasing awareness of countries on tools and best practices in NUP making and providing platforms for interactions between state and non-state actors as well as between levels of government. In doing so, UN-Habitat supports countries throughout the public policy cycle feasibility, diagnosis, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation while promoting capacity development, participation and demonstration projects throughout the policy cycle.

The project Background and context National governments are encouraged to develop and implement New Urban Policies NUPs , which are perceived to be vital to support and enable the implementation of the New Urban Agenda that was adopted at the Habitat III conference that took place in Quito, Ecuador in The joint initiative aims to contribute to the successful implementation of the New Urban Agenda NUA and to achieving sustainable and prosperous human settlements for all, leaving no one behind, through the development of NUPs.

In particular, the project aims to: 1. Enhance capacity of sub-national and national governments in the three pilot countries to develop, implement, and monitor and evaluate national urban policy NUP and SUP and develop smart city strategies. Increase centralization of knowledge and tools on the development, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of urban policy NUP and SUP and smart city strategies. Provide augmented opportunity for knowledge sharing and peer learning activities on urban policy NUP and SUP and smart city strategies.

Through the processes of developing the policies and strategies the pilot phase of the NUPP has endeavoured to build capacity to develop, implement and monitor and evaluate urban policy in the pilot countries, implement the NUPs through demonstration project identified using a smart city approach, and provide for knowledge creation, knowledge exchange on urban policy through an online platform and in person conferences and workshops.

Since the launching of this project in July , there has been significant progress, both at the global level of the programme, and at the country level. Country level activities, staffing and activities had been undertaken in I. At the global level, the project has facilitated the organisation of International Conferences on NUP, supported the preparation of normative products and international capacity building including annual exchange visits to the Republic of Korea in partnership with the Korea Land and Housing Cooperation.

The project started in and will end in June In global context, The Global state of National Urban Policy revealed that out countries studied, 75 countries had adopted National Urban Policies, 92 countries were at the implementation stage of NUPs.

What will be learned from the evaluation findings are expected to be used to inform the development and implementation of future NUP funded projects. The evaluation seeks to serve the purposes of accountability for results achieved as well as enhancing learning that would improve current and future NUPs development and implementation. Evaluation Criteria and Evaluation questions The project team together, together with the Independent Evaluation Unit have proposed evaluation questions organized around the evaluation criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, sustainability and impact outlook.

The evaluation questions will be assessed to supplement the specific objectives of the evaluation. The evaluation team should build on these questions to develop an evaluation matrix with evaluation questions, key stakeholders and data collection sources. What type of administrative, financial and managerial obstacles did the project face and to what extent has this affected project delivery of outputs and achievement of the expected accomplishments?

What kind of changes to beneficiaries has resulted from products and services delivered? Evaluation Approach and Methodology 5. The evaluation team will decide on the concreted approach and methodology, considering the COVID situation. It is anticipated that the evaluation will apply results-based approach Theory of Change in assessing performance of the project.

The consultant is encouraged to build on the official approved TOC of NUPs and construct one for this particular project. Using the TOC, the evaluation consultant will then test and verify whether the theoretical chain of results and underlying assumptions hold true during the implementation of the programmeto achieve its planned results.

The logical framework could also be reconstructed and could outline the results chain and pathways. The evaluation should also use participatory and utilization focused approach, to enhance the utilization of evaluation results and engagement of the stakeholders in the evaluation process. Systems approach could also be used where the TOC cannot explain issues of coherence, partnership, coordination etc.

These methodologies include the following elements: a Review of documents relevant to the project. Documents to be provided by relevant UN-Habitat entities, and documentation available with stakeholders and beneficiaries such documentation shall be identified and obtained by the evaluation.

The principles for selection of stakeholders to be interviewed as well as evaluation of their performance shall be clarified in advance or at the beginning of the evaluation. The informant interviews will be conducted to obtain qualitative information on the evaluation issues, allowing the evaluators to assess project relevance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Field visits should provide insight into both the scope time , depth and range of activities. The evaluator will describe expected data analysis and instruments to be used in the inception report. Presentation of the evaluation findings should follow the standard format of UN-Habitat Evaluation Reports evaluation purpose and objectives, evaluation methodology and approach, findings achievements and performance rating assessments , conclusions, lessons learned, recommendations.

Stakeholder involvement It is expected that this evaluation will be participatory and involving key stakeholders. Stakeholders will be kept informed of the evaluation processes including design, information collection, and evaluation reporting and results dissemination to create a positive attitude for the evaluation and enhance its utilization. Accountability and Responsibilities The independent Evaluation Unit of UN-Habitat manage the evaluation, with logistical support from the Policy, legislation and Governance Section, the Urban Practices Branch on day-to-day basis and in consultation with the members of the evaluation reference group.

The Evaluation Unit will guide and ensure that the evaluation is contracted to a suitable candidate. The Evaluation Unit will advise on the code of conduct of evaluation and provide technical support as required. The Evaluation Unit will have overall responsibility of ensuring that contractual requirements are met and approve all deliverables Inception Report with work plan, Draft and Final Evaluation Reports.

An evaluation reference group will be established at the start of the evaluation process with members representing the Policy, Legislation and Governance Section PLGS , focal points from the Regional Offices or other branches, and the Evaluation Unit. The reference group will be responsible for providing guidance on the process, approving the selection of evaluation, and commenting on the inception report and drafts of the evaluation report.

The evaluation will be conducted by one consultant. The evaluator is responsible for meeting professional and ethical standards in planning and conducting the evaluation, and producing the expected deliverables in accordance with UN-Habitat evaluation policy and norms and standards for evaluation.

The evaluator will receive overall guidance from the reference group, technical support from the Evaluation Unit and logistical support from the Policy Legislation and Governance Section PLGS. Qualifications and Experience of the Evaluator The evaluation shall be carried out by one consultant. To ensure complementarity within the evaluation, the consultant should have proven evaluation expertise.

Work Schedule The evaluation will be conducted over the period of three months spread over five months, including the desk review, from January to June The evaluation consultant is expected to prepare an inception report with a work plan that will operationalize the evaluation. In the inception report, Theory of Change, understanding of the evaluation questions, methods to be used, limitations or constraints to the evaluation as well as schedule and delivery dates to guide the execution of the evaluation, should be detailed.

The provisional timetable is as follows in section Specific Duties 1. Undertake consultations with UN-Habitat personnel and other international and national stakeholders, including focus group discussions 2. Review of background documents relevant to the project 3. Prepare an inception report with evaluation work plan and methodology of work 4. Undertake data collection including document reviews, interviews, consultations and group meetings 5.

Undertake surveys to different target audiences 6. Analyse and evaluate findings 7. Draft evaluation report 8. Brief and present preliminary findings to UN-Habitat Virtual 9. Undertake consultation with the evaluation reference group for review and comments Revise and prepare final evaluation report Submit final evaluation report including editing and layout Deliverables The three primary deliverables for this evaluation are: a Inception Report with evaluation work plan.

The draft inception report is reviewed and approved by the evaluation reference group. The evaluation consultant will prepare evaluation report draft s to be reviewed by UN-Habitat.

The draft report is shared with the evaluation reference group for review and comments. The evaluation reference group will review and provide comments on draft reports. The report should not exceed 25 pages excluding Executive Summary and Appendices.

The report should be technically easy to comprehend for non-specialists. The final report will be approved by the reference group. The remuneration rate of the consultant will be determined by functions performed, qualifications, and experience of the consultant. There are set remuneration rates for consultancies. Payments will be based on the three main deliverables over the consultancy period. The fees will be paid upon satisfactory delivery of outputs as per agreement.

Where applicable, travel costs of the consultant airplane ticket economy class , transfers, and daily allowance as per the UN rate is payable in addition to the daily fee. Where applicable, daily subsistence allowance will be paid only when working outside the official duty station home-based of the consultant.

Provisional Time Frame Task Description 1 Onboarding of consultant - 4 weeks 2 Consultations with UN-Habitat - 8 weeks 3 Review of background documents - 4 weeks 4 Preparation and approval of inception report with work plan and methodology of work - 5 weeks 5 Data collection including document reviews, interviews, consultations and group meetings - 5 weeks 6 Analysis of evaluation findings, commence draft report writing and briefings to UN-Habitat - 4 weeks 7 Presentation of preliminary Findings to UN-Habitat Virtual - 1 week 8 Draft Evaluation Report - 2 weeks 9 Review of Evaluation Report - 4 weeks 10 Production delivery of Final Evaluation Report, including editing, and layout - 2 weeks.

Communication: Excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to articulate ideas in a clear and precise manner, including the ability to analyse a series of written documents, reports, and summaries. Planning and organization: Ability to work under pressure, prioritize and plan, coordinate one's own work plan, use time efficiently, and apply common sense in the context of competition deadlines.

Skills: Good management of information processing tools, Policy analysis, socio-economic data, urban statistics. Extensive evaluation experience. The consultant should have ability to present credible findings derived from evidence and putting conclusions and recommendations supported by the findings. It is envisaged that the consultant would have a useful mix of experience and familiarity with public administration in various parts of the world.

Academic Qualifications: Advanced academic degree Masters in political sciences, socio-economic, urban policy, urban planning, public policy, land and governance, public administration, other areas related urban studies, or similar relevant fields is required..

Nigeria, I. Iran and Myanmar is desirable. Language: English and French are the official languages of the UN. For this position, fluency in English understanding, reading and writing is a requirement. Knowledge of other UN official languages is an asset.

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comments on year end performance review

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During the review meeting, Sitharaman assessed various steps taken by PSBs in implementing pandemic-related measures initiated by Government of India and Reserve Bank of India RBI and readiness to tackle possible future disruptions that may occur due to the ongoing variant of the COVID pandemic, the Finance Ministry said in a statement after the meeting. Sitharaman also conveyed to the bankers to continue supporting the agriculture sector, farmers, retail sector and MSMEs. The Finance Minister noted that that business outlook is progressively improving in spite of the headwinds from global development and Omicron spread. She underlined that contact intensive sectors may require more support to help them fight against the pandemic. On the credit demand front, the Finance Minister said that credit demand is expected to pick up on account of growth in retail segments, improvement in overall macroeconomic prospects and improving the financial health of borrowers.

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