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Our Network Engineers deliver innovative computing, technology, and communications platforms as well as industry-leading processors, technologies, chipsets, networking components and software. Working with a large community of hardware and software developers, our engineers help drive industry standard efforts that enable businesses to reduce costs and support growth opportunities. Network Engineers work with Software Development professionals to deliver security and networking drivers. Chat with our Virtual Assistant to tell us a little about your career interests and to stay informed about Intel opportunities. Lorem ipsum dolor sit, amet consectetur adipisicing elit.

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Network engineer do

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Network Engineer - Job Description

How different would the salary have to be from one city to the next to convince you to move? Not only what a network engineer is and what they do for a company, but what they should know how to do, and most importantly: what a fair salary is. Really, a network engineer tends to fall somewhere in-between those two roles. A network engineer ensures the integrity of high-availability network infrastructure.

This means a network engineer should be a subject matter expert in advanced routing protocols, routing and switching equipment, and the manual configurations involved. A network engineer might design system configurations, but is more likely to apply, monitor and tweak them. On the one hand, network engineers earn a good salary by being critical thinkers who gather information about the network health and make judgments on their own.

We pulled data from job postings, existing job descriptions and IT networking sites. Then we split that data up by geographical area and filtered by jobs whose salary reflects entry-level network engineers and those that are better suited to network engineers with a lot more experience and qualifications.

What we came up with is a low-end average, high-end average and overall average salary for network engineers. But in other cities, the differences between a low-paid network engineer and a high-paid one are huge. This suggests that new network engineers have a clear starting point for their careers.

It suggests that every step you take to improve yourself, gain qualifications or set yourself apart only strengthens your salary prospects. The highest-paying salaries for network engineers seem to be accumulating in The South. Suburbs and metropolitan-adjacent cities in the South are apparently good places for networking professionals to look for work, and network engineers in particular can find great salaries there.

Coastal metropolitan cities are where to find the best average salaries for network engineers. Although the South is where the highest-paying jobs are, when it comes to the best overall averages, cities like San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D. Those cities rank in the top ten for overall average salaries as well as the best places for entry-level network engineers as well. Location matters a lot for salary growth.

Depending on where you look, how much salary growth a network engineer can look forward to changes a lot. Network engineers with the right combination of experience, education and skill sets are the ones who reliably get paid the most. So what experience, exactly, does a network engineer need? And what degree should you consider? Are certifications really worth it?

Network engineers often come into the job from positions like network administrator, network technician, or help desk technician. When years of experience in a network-adjacent role is a prerequisite alongside education, the degree is harder to waive. That said, having a track record of excellence and demonstrated proficiency with a wide range of network sizes, network hardware providers and responsibilities can be very persuasive. For IT professionals who want to become network engineers, breadth of experience is likely better than depth.

Network engineers tend to be called upon for a wide range of tasks. So experience with different networks is better than extreme proficiency with one type of firewall. For a network engineer, one of the most important things you could demonstrate is a track record of creativity in your design and implementation choices. In other words, stay on top of technology trends and find ways to incorporate the latest developments into your network.

Sometimes that preventative posture is easier said than done. It requires a familiarity with diagnostic tools, network data analysis and — above all — staying on top of current technological trends. One of the things that sets network engineers apart from their colleagues a bit lower on the career totem pole is their focus on gathering data about network health to prevent and avoid problems. Packet sniffers or protocol analyzers are the tools that help network engineers perform network traffic analysis.

Traffic analysis is an art much more than a science, and the best salaries for network engineers go to those who can wield their protocol analyzers like a paintbrush.

Salary impact of protocol analyzers and packet sniffers: Huge. Experienced network engineers know that one and only one variable often sets apart bad decisions from great ones: the data. Protocol analyzers and packet sniffers provide huge dumps of data for network engineers to navigate. Network engineers are often responsible for choosing courses of action that could affect thousands of devices and end users.

Network simulators and emulators provide ways to create network traffic and observe how it behaves under theoretical configurations and with different hardware and software. Either way, a network engineer should know them as well as they can and be able to use them as they need them.

Salary impact of network simulators and emulators: Huge. Not every network engineer is responsible for network design.

Salary impact of network design and network topology mappers: Considerable. From SolarWinds to ManageEngine and InterMapper, a network engineer should know enough about different network design tools to appreciate their differences. When would you want to opt for Microsoft Visio to create a network map, and when would you choose ManageEngine? These are the basic questions that a network engineer should at least be ready to answer.

With the right interface for configuring and troubleshooting network config utilities, a network engineer can save enough time to justify their salary many times over. Different companies rely on different network configuration managers, and a general familiarity with the options is more important than deep familiarity. Industry certifications can be challenging, time-consuming, and stressful. Not only that, but they can also be eye-poppingly expensive — and did we mention hard?

Many certifications are issued by manufacturers of hardware and software in an attempt to ensure companies and organizations get the most bang for their buck. And employers like them because they guarantee a network engineer can step into the job right away and not miss a beat. We highlight ten great certs from three different certifying bodies. CompTIA is a professional organization for IT employees that focus on vendor-agnostic certifications.

CompTIA is respected around the world as one of the best IT professional organizations, and their certifications often mark the top performers in the field. Cisco is that company, and their certifications are some of the most trusted and well-regarded certs in the IT world. First, the CCNA, a broad, entry-level certification that just about any networking professional should have. The largest, most expensive, most difficult networks to manage are often run on Juniper equipment, and their certifications are the key to proving mastery with them.

Juniper networks are slightly more rare than Cisco networks. But their complexity and scope is usually so much greater that a certification in managing them is more valuable than the equivalent for a Cisco network. If you work for a company that runs a Juniper network — or you plan to — you should at least be planning to earn the JNCDA.

The industry you choose to work in also has a huge impact on your career and salary as a network engineer. Local banks and credit unions need network engineers, but network engineers who want to handle the largest networks and bring in the best salaries should consider national and international financial institutions.

These are places with networks that span the globe and where tiny fractions of a second can make a difference of millions of dollars. Network engineers who can prove their worth will have no problem being well-compensated. Career impact for Network Engineers working in finance: Significant. Citi, Wells Fargo, Berkshire Hathaway, and companies like them are places a network engineer can begin their search for financial employers. Often, teams that support huge financial networks have robust career ladders and plenty of room for advancement.

For network engineers who want to deal with big data and SCADA networks, utility companies provide an interesting challenge. These networks monitor devices all over the country and ensure smooth operations despite extremely complex interactions. The salary range for network engineers working in utilities is often extremely competitive. Career impact for Network Engineers working for utility companies: Significant.

From power to water to oil and more, utility providers need robust networks that are hardened and always available. Combining the two seems like it should be a no-brainer.

Network engineers who work on medical networks will find themselves responsible for increasing patient information availability and enhancing health outcomes through resilient, high-speed networks.

Career impact for Network Engineers working in healthcare: Considerable. The biggest upside to landing a network engineer job in health care is probably the stability. Healthcare networks are expanding rapidly and a network engineer who can justify their salary will almost certainly never struggle to hold down a job. The numbers for a network engineer seem to be all over the place. But that should look and sound like an opportunity to network engineers with curiosity and initiative.

The key to increasing your salary as a network engineer is gaining experience with as many different networking technologies as possible and accumulating certifications as you go.

A four-year degree is often a huge boost to network engineer salaries, and the industry you wind up in can also affect how high you can rise. But above all, the thing every network engineer has to be passionate about is staying up-to-date with technology trends. A page guide to every Cisco, Juniper, F5, and NetApp certification, and how they fit into your career. By submitting this form you agree that you have read, understood, and are able to consent to our privacy policy. I have read and understood the privacy policy and am able to consent to it.

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Benefits of being a network engineer

The job of a network engineer or network administrator is to solve problems, everything from backups and cables to firewalls and viruses. All of these tasks are related to moving data across the network in an optimal and efficient manner so that users can do the work that drives the business. Practically everyone who uses information technology, not just IT professionals, is aware that information security is a battle without end. Some specific security threats that are on the rise include widespread DNS attacks, route hijacking, malware targeting smartphones and tablets, the consumerization of enterprise applications on personal devices, and the need for security to evolve in line with private cloud and virtual desktop infrastructure. Top network concerns today revolve around trends toward more users employees and unmanaged users like business partners ; more mobile devices managed and unmanaged , and IP everything—the exponential growth of IP-based, networked applications and devices like VoIP, virtual desktop infrastructure and IP storage.

The Assistant Networks Engineer is the entry level in the Engineer series. Assists with day-to-day networking tasks to ensure network reliability.

Network Engineer Job Description, Qualifications, and Outlook

Designs and builds computer network systems, including software and hardware. Runs program and system tests, solves technical problems and maintains the network system. Designs and analyzes computer network models. Percentiles represent the percentage that is lower than the value. The numbers below are based on job postings in the United States from the past year. Not all job postings list education requirements. Not all job postings list experience requirements. The percentage of job postings that specifically mention each skill is also listed. Some common alternative job titles include:.

Should Your Future Self be a Network Engineer?

network engineer do

Keyword Search. Our IT professionals are diverse business leaders who apply IT skills to deliver game-changing business models and capabilities for our 65 iconic, trusted brands. From Day 1, you will be trusted to dive right in, take the lead, use your initiative, and build billion-dollar brands that help make everyday activities easier and make the world a better place. We are seeking a highly-skilled L2 Network Engineer for the Network Operations Center for our global enterprise network. Interested professionals should be motivated by groundbreaking technologies, being a champion for change, and have a vision for identifying and aligning technology solutions to help support business opportunities.

Network engineers design, build, implement and maintain the computer networks businesses and organizations use.

Network Engineer Job Description

B2C is proud to bring you this article from our sponsored series by Upwork :. Upwork is the leading online talent solution empowering businesses with flexible access to quality talent, on demand. Visit Upwork today. Previously we gave you a framework for how to write an excellent network engineer job description —but what factors will affect how much it costs to hire a network engineer? A network engineering professional designs a network and assembles all of its physical components—servers, routers, antennas, communications equipment and wiring, WiFi, and more.

10 Pros Answer: What I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Network Engineer

For us to focus on simplicity and the best customer experience, we need great talent and the right skillsets to be successful. This is now a mantra for our Cisco leadership team and for us. Together, we will Reimagine the Cisco experience. Show the world how to Reinvent applications and leverage the future of the Internet to Showcase the power of Cisco: our people, products, processes, systems, and data. Please join us and make this journey together!

Do you want to be the person who exceeds your potential? If you have a desire to succeed and drive your own career, Dimension Data offers you the opportunity to.

Network Engineering

Network engineers are responsible for the delivery and maintenance of computer networks within an organization. Essentially, network engineers are responsible for ensuring their clients can get online simply, securely, and reliably. Typical duties for a network engineer can include implementing network solutions , troubleshooting performance issues, configuring security systems , and maintaining the network infrastructure for maximum performance for clients. Looking for a Network Engineer?

Cisco Careers

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The network engineer positions offer both long-term growths and high average salaries due to demand. But there is a caveat.

How to Become a Network Engineer: What Is the Best Network Engineer Career Path?

Industrial Networking Solutions INS is seeking a highly motivated and accountable associate for a Network Engineer position within our field services group. INS Services provides our customers with the confidence that their network wired or wireless is manageable, expandable, reliable, and secure. We accomplish this with well-trained resources, world-class products, and years of application experience. INS Services designs, deploys, and supports open-architecture solutions for the manufacturing floor, process control systems and municipal control markets. Our approach delivers investment protection, operational efficiency and significantly reduces total cost of ownership. This position will frequently collaborate with customer leadership for best solution, and interface directly with operational and IT leaders. Teamwork This position requires a technical collaboration, and often requires a quick understanding of emerging technologies for unique solutions.

Learn About Being a Network Engineer

Being one of us means stability of employment and constant development among other great people. We want to share with you our experience and exchange it for yours in a mutual partnership. Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. Our scope is wide.

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