Employment lawyer to review physician contract

Over the years, doctors signing physician employment contracts with small practices has become increasingly commonplace in Texas. A typical physician contract agreement dictates the relationship between a physician and their employer. These employment contracts provide provisions outlining the terms of employment, such as compensation, job requirements, benefits, termination, non-compete clauses, and professional liability insurance. The terms of all physician employment contracts are negotiable and ensure the final agreement is fair to both parties. There are several typical provisions you should consider when drafting a physician employment contract. Physician employment contracts can specify the length of time the physician will provide services for your healthcare business.

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Employment lawyer to review physician contract

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Physician Employment Agreements

Our business and healthcare law firm represents physicians who are considering employment agreements with hospitals or other potential employers. We have represented doctors for more than a decade and can guide you through the intricacies of physician employment agreements to ensure the best possible outcome for you. The focus of our law practice is representing healthcare businesses. We also represent physicians who sell an existing medical practice and become employed by the purchasing hospital or physician group.

A proper employment agreement defines the legal relationship between the physician and his employer. If you are a doctor considering an employment agreement, our firm can help you avoid mistakes in the contracting process and avoid surprises down the road about compensation and other critical aspects of employment. We help physicians identify critical, long-term personal and professional factors impacted by specific contract language contained in proposed employment agreements and other contractual arrangements presented by hospitals, hospital systems, medical group practices, and other potential employers.

Read and understand all provisions of a proposed employment agreement. While it sounds elementary and self-evident, carefully reading and understanding all aspects of an employment contract is often neglected. Without a true understanding of how all provisions in a proposed written agreement would operate, effective negotiations are not possible for a doctor. Physicians should not blindly accept any sentence in a proposed employment agreement.

Most language can and often should be negotiated, to ensure it operates fairly. It is critical to take the time to dissect an agreement and understand what the implications of every provision are.

Know the proposed job. That is, know the job duties as contemplated by the specific particulars of the proposed written employment agreement in contrast to what representations are made in general discussions. Obtain proper payment agreement. A typical employment agreement will contain assignment provisions for billing privileges; however, physicians have a legal responsibility for billing accurately. Therefore, your employment contract should allow them the opportunity to review billing claims as needed to ensure the bills are correct.

Understand precisely how compensation is determined. Straight salary is increasingly rare. Production-based formulas e. For complex formulas, the physician should make sure that examples are included in the employment agreement. It is essential that the mechanics of the compensation formula be precise and clear and totally transparent. Obtain adequate liability protection.

Preserve professional judgment. Tension created by the role of employee and the independent professional judgment required of doctors is almost inevitable. Physicians must make sure that treatment and referral judgments are always according to the best interests of their patients.

Plan for the end. All good things will end. In reviewing a proposed employment agreement, good feelings and optimism notwithstanding, an honest, critical assessment of all contract provisions relating to termination of the relationship is essential. Some factors to evaluate are:. Our law firm is focused on protecting the financial interests of physicians and other healthcare providers throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

We are committed to helping healthcare businesses make and protect money. Kevin was a pleasure to work with and brought forth legal theories to hold the health insurance industry accountable to physicians and patients.

We received outstanding representation from Kevin. Our attorneys have extensive experience and are AV-rated. Our firm has offices in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia. Contact us at Atlanta , Augusta and Aiken , or info hamillittle. First Name. Last Name. Physician Employment Agreements Our business and healthcare law firm represents physicians who are considering employment agreements with hospitals or other potential employers. Atlanta Healthcare Attorneys The focus of our law practice is representing healthcare businesses.

How we help doctors considering employment Our representation of doctors with regard to employment agreements typically involves: Pre-drafting considerations Evaluation of independent contractor options STARK analysis Compensation and expense reimbursement Dispute resolution provisions Termination and due process Non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants Tips to Negotiate Your Physician Employment Agreement We also represent physicians who sell an existing medical practice and become employed by the purchasing hospital or physician group.

Georgia and South Carolina physician employment agreement lawyers If you are a doctor considering an employment agreement, our firm can help you avoid mistakes in the contracting process and avoid surprises down the road about compensation and other critical aspects of employment. Essential Physician Employment Agreement Tips Read and understand all provisions of a proposed employment agreement.

What hours are required? Is there a minimum number of hours or particular hours required under the contract? At what location s is the physician required to work? Does the proposed contract require you to consult with other physicians requesting provisional services of the employer?

Some factors to evaluate are: What benefits are forfeited or lost at the termination of employment bonuses, hospital privileges, retirement contributions? What are the details of non-compete and non-solicitation provisions? Are those provisions reasonably crafted so that you can transition into new employment or private practice in the geographic area desired?

Does it provide you an opportunity to cure deficiencies? Garber Caitlin V. Previous Next.

Augusta Physician Employment Agreements Lawyers

Columbus, Ohio employment law attorney Rayl L. When dealing with employment-related contracts and agreements, it is important to protect your rights and understand your obligations. With the Stepter Law Office , you will have a board certified employment law specialist for your legal representation. Please contact our employment law attorney today to discuss your specific needs. Whether you need a skilled attorney to assist you in negotiating an employment contract, an employment lawyer to provide a thorough contract review, or a knowledgeable employment specialist to look over a severance agreement, we can help. Please contact Stepter Law Office today.

A thorough review of a contract is essential and should be done with an attorney and financial advisor with physician employment contract experience.

Employment Contract Review & Negotiation

Contact us today to speak to an attorney about your case. Our DC executive employment lawyers handle all employment-related legal matters. Some of the most common include:. If your employer is in breach of your employment contract, you may be able to obtain compensation by suing for damages. But we are prepared to take your case to trial and fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Your employment contract will likely limit the forum in which you can enforce your rights via an arbitration clause. If no such limit exists, however, you can bring a lawsuit against your employer in state or federal court. Even if you are limited to arbitration, breach of contract awards can be substantial.

Physician Contract Review

employment lawyer to review physician contract

By: Jim W. Regardless of the setting, physicians are nearly always employed pursuant to the terms of a written employment contract. I have extensive experience providing advice and counsel representation in litigation to Oregon physicians and other licensed healthcare employees. Oregon physician contract review is a significant part of my practice. I also provide Washington physician contract review, California physician contract review and Montana physician contract review.

California laws governing the employment of physicians and healthcare professionals are quite complex, and it is important to work with the proven medical business attorneys at the Watkins Firm who have more than 30 years of experience with the development and enforcement of healthcare and physician employment contracts.

Navigating Physician Employment Contracts

This guide provides information about physician employment contracts by defining common terms, offering advice about specific provisions, and providing key steps to follow before signing a contract. Fam Pract Manag. Download in PDF format. Physician employment contracts and agreements can seem complex and daunting. Some legal considerations and issues are difficult to understand, but physicians need to consider them before signing a contract.

Texas Physician Contract Review Lawyers

Offering comprehensive physician contract review by licensed attorney to reveal the hidden traps in your physician employment agreement and make sense of important terms, including compensation and benefits. A physician employment contract establishes expectations and governs your employment relationship. We specialize in physician contract review and negotiating with hospitals and private practice groups to carefully draft terms favorable to you. We focus on challenges faced by physicians and physician practices. Physicians can rely on our physician contract attorneys to address health care related legal issues that will allow physician practices to grow and thrive through their business relationships and practice management. Whether a resident, fellow or attending physician, we can help with your physician contract review. The material provided on this website is for general informational purposes only and is not legal advice. None of the information contained herein is intended as, nor should it be construed as, legal advice.

In addition to employment contracts, our lawyers do a large amount of work with noncompete agreements. We will review an employer's proposed noncompete.

For over 15 years, our experienced Physician Employment Contract Attorneys have prepared, reviewed and negotiated hundreds of Employment Contracts on behalf of physicians, medical professionals, residents, and dentists in Connecticut. It is critical to have your employment contract evaluated before you sign it. Simply put, you must negotiate the terms of your contract — they are often very one sided and can have significant consequences for years to come and negatively affect your future job possibilities.

How may we help you? The employment offer is sitting on your desk, waiting for review, analysis, and negotiation. This is an extremely important moment. Your contract will have an enormous effect on your professional success and career satisfaction. How well do you understand the document?

The health care law attorneys of Seiller Waterman LLC offer legal services of exceptional quality to doctors, clinics, physician groups, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers throughout the region.

If you do not understand the terms of a contract, or are in violation of employee agreements , please Contact Us immediately to protect your legal rights. The attorneys at GMFM will aggressively protect your rights as an employer or employee. For a consultation , call us at We regularly advise and represent employees in all aspects of their employment relationships — from hiring to separation. Many employment contracts serve the interests of the employer but fail to provide protection to employees. An experienced employment attorney can review these contracts and provide crucial advice to assure that the language fully, accurately, and clearly sets forth the terms of employment.

In response to physicians' growing need for legal representation in the employment process, the Michigan State Medical Society has arranged to provide legal services to its member physicians. The Physician Employment Contract Review is available to all Michigan State Medical Society members who seek the benefit of a thorough legal review of either a new employment contract or in connection with the renewal of an existing employment relationship. Physicians will receive legal services directly from Kerr Russell, legal counsel to the Michigan State Medical Society. Kerr Russell, has extensive health care law and employment law experience.

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