Career in data analytics

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Career in data analytics

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It helps businesses understand their customers, better advertising strategies, and provide an overall improved customer experience. The field of data analytics has a broad scope that includes many different goals and techniques. Data analytics refers to analyzing raw data to find trends and make conclusions about those trends in the simplest terms. Such conclusions are useful for optimizing processes to enhance the efficiency of the business or organization.

Consequently, almost every organization out there is recruiting data analysts to keep up with the humongous amount of data being generated every second and to wring actionable insights out of them.

No doubt, the data analyst career path is something worth talking about. With a plethora of courses including those in business analytics, big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, AnalytixLabs is the one-stop destination for all your data science needs!

The data analytics career is unarguably one of the hottest options in the contemporary job market. But, what makes it dominate all other software jobs? Here are 12 reasons that dig deeper and offer a bigger picture of what makes the data analytics career one of the most sought after around the world. The most obvious reason for considering a career in analytics is the colossal amount of data being generated every minute.

This huge supply of data is crucial for companies for discovering new market opportunities and boosting efficiencies.

As per Statista, the projection for worldwide data creation was 59 zettabytes with a promise to increase further in future. Among the major contributors to data traffic is the internet of things IoT , and the figures are proof enough of that. In , global IoT connections created a data volume that reached Another thing to consider while talking about the potential of a data analytics career path is the fact that we are moving towards a future driven by digital transformation and innovation.

In fact, those are two key factors that influence investment in artificial intelligence and big data technologies. According to a survey, there has been a Among all the organizational data use cases, data warehouse optimization and forecasting have been found to be the most crucial along with customer analysis and predictive maintenance. If you have a natural acumen for asking questions and finding solutions, a career in analytics is just for you. Regardless of your academic and professional background, you can easily kick-start your data analyst career if you have the relevant skills.

There are several online materials and courses available; and signing up for these will broaden your big data skills by imparting knowledge of basic programming as well as tools like R, Apache Spark and Hadoop.

It is becoming impossible for companies to ignore the massive business impact of big data analytics. With millions of users generating new sets of data every second, there is an ever-growing need to make sense of the truckloads of information. Hence, companies are desperate to hire experts with data analysis skills. According to a survey carried out by Analytics Insight, the world will see around 3,, data science job openings by Source.

Further, while the COVID pandemic and the parallel economic downturn adversely affected most other tech job profiles, the data science industry made it out of the mess with way fewer salary cuts and lay-offs. The capturing and interpretation of data has radical effects on any organization. Thus, there is a huge demand for data analysts who can help transform business trajectories.

The scope of professional opportunities is guaranteed to rise further in the future; at a time when almost every organization out there is looking to tap the power of big data analytics, a data analyst career path indeed looks promising!

Big data analytics finds application across a wide range of industries and sectors. If you are looking to kick-start your data analyst career path, there can be no better time than now. From customer service chatbots and Netflix movie recommendations to automated fashion tips on e-commerce apps, big data analytics is everywhere! If you are passionate about exploring your big data skills and building your data analyst career, there are several industries that hire big data experts.

These include the banking, financial services and insurance sector, media and entertainment, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and the automotive industry. One of the best aspects of the data analyst career path is that you get opportunities to work with some of the big shots of the industry. Here is a sector-wise breakdown showing some of the premier companies and organizations that are hiring professionals with the relevant data science skills:.

Both in terms of job titles and domains, the data analytics career path offers plenty of options. In line with the big data needs in different organizations, you can choose either of the following types of data analytics:. When it comes to different job titles in data analytics and its related domains, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Some of them are:. Most of the big data jobs demand candidates with advanced degrees as well as the relevant experience.

However, such candidates are not easy to find in the fast-growing field of data analytics. Therefore, even though there is an exponential growth in demand for analytics professionals, there exists a huge shortage of skills as far as the talent supply side is concerned.

So, if you have the relevant skills and qualifications, this is the best time to think about your data analyst career progression. A lucrative aspect of a data analytics career is the salary growth associated with it.

Salary packages for big data jobs are increasing at par with the demand for data analyst professionals. As per a study by the IT jobs site Robert Half Technology, most of the big data jobs offer salaries and additional compensations well into the six-figure range that are way above the market pay. Further, since data analytics professionals with the requisite skills are hard to find, you can expect a pretty good paycheck if you have the right knowledge and expertise.

With the supply of talent running low like we previously said, salary packages are bound to remain alluring for deserving candidates. Shifting to a data analytics career has monetary benefits that are way greater than that of other IT jobs. Data analytics is one of the chief competitive resources in any organization. It adds value to the organization, helping it to make informed business decisions and providing an edge over market competitors.

Hence, a career in analytics is bound to guarantee you the role of one of the key decision-makers in the organization. As more and more companies are relying on big data analysts, a data analyst career path will give you ample opportunities to work with the key persons of the organization. You will become a part of the streamlined decision-making process as well as collaborate with local levels for acting on insights.

Data analysts get opportunities to use their skills across multiple work areas, including sales, finance, data assurance, business intelligence and marketing. In the process, they can enhance their data analytics knowledge through the acquisition of skills in data infrastructure, data mining, decisions analysis and data visualization.

Further, a career in analytics entails working with different languages and frameworks. Besides programming abilities, the data analyst career path also requires quantitative and advanced statistical skills. Moreover, digitization trends offer abundant growth opportunities for data analysts, both beginners and professionals. In fact, a career in analytics will not limit you to a specific field; if you have the appropriate set of technical skills, the data analytics career path will let you shift easily and grow with the industries that are best aligned with your interests.

If you want to know what data analysts do, it becomes imperative to talk about the different data analyst career paths that are available. We have already mentioned a few job titles related to this field in the previous section.

Further, present times have seen the emergence of several specialized fields in data analytics that promise as much potential as the conventional job titles. Some of the new data analyst careers that are worth a specialization include:.

The above lists are not exhaustive; with the right skills, there are many more opportunities for data analysts worldwide. Another important aspect of the data analyst career path is, knowing the skills required to become one. The field is constantly evolving, and there seems to be no consensus among recruiters regarding a definite skill set. However, we have listed here the top in-demand skills that you cannot overlook at any cost.

These include:. Big data analytics is a rapidly growing field with compelling opportunities for professionals across a wide range of industries. With the present skyrocketing demand for skilled big data professionals, there can be no better time to enter the big data job market. At present, the demand for skilled data analysts exceeds the supply. Considering trends, it is surely going to be in demand for some time now.

Data analytics has already begun to have a profound impact on our daily life. Data analytics enables better decision making which in turn produces better results. Being a data analyst is not hard. If you have the relevant skills and the acumen to solve problems, then a career in analytics can be gratifying. A data analytics degree qualifies you for several job roles. Some of them are — business analysts, data scientists, quantitative analysts, data architects, and data warehouse managers.

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Thank you for your interest and we will contact you within 24 working hours. In the meantime, you may refer to the following course brochure s to understand more about our courses. Need help? Big Data. There is a worldwide boom in data generation The most obvious reason for considering a career in analytics is the colossal amount of data being generated every minute.

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Aaron Young, who received his MS in data analytics from National University NU , says enrolling in the program was one of the best things he has done for himself. The busy grad is currently a data analyst in the credit analytics department of Axos Bank and also runs his own analytics company, called Young Data Analytics. However, he wanted the benefit of an advanced degree to take his skill set and expertise to the next level. Of course, since he was a busy professional, he needed classes that would fit into his schedule. NU was an easy choice for me. I was able to start quickly, with very challenging classes, beginning every four weeks.

A career in analytics can begin with a STEM or computer science degree, or one of many specialized programs geared toward data science. If you're interested in.

Research & Data Analytics Careers

Data and business analysis are high-demand fields experiencing rapid growth. By one estimate, up to zettabytes of data will need to be analyzed by A health care data analyst gathers, analyzes, and interprets data. They then compile this data into visual presentations that are easy to understand, allowing administrative officials to take informed actions. There are many career opportunities for data and business analysts to choose from, though working in the health care industry offers many unique benefits. The U. In , data analyst jobs were filled the fastest compared to other job postings in the analytics industry.

4 Data Analyst Career Paths: Your Guide to Leveling Up

career in data analytics

As a cooperative with millions of clients around the world, Rabobank has access to enormous amounts of data. But data needs the right people to process it and extract valuable insights from it. There is no field that is so closely interwoven with every part of the bank. You develop innovations that improve the financial well-being of our customers.

Our research team provides information collected from experimental design, statistical analysis, data reduction, sampling techniques, surveys, and focus groups.

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We're building value and opportunity by investing in cybersecurity, analytics, digital solutions, engineering and science, and consulting. Our culture of innovation empowers employees as creative thinkers, bringing unparalleled value for our clients and for any problem we try to tackle. See how we deliver space defense capabilities with analytics, AI, cybersecurity, and PNT to strengthen information superiority. Learn how we cultivate a culture of inclusion and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees. Each year, we celebrate the client engagements, leading ideas, and talented people that support our success.

How to Become a Data Analyst in 2021

Career Services will operate virtually from January The office will re-open with limited staff on January 10th, with all other staff available virtually. Due to the high volume of calls, it may be quicker to reach us via email. The following sampling of tools and resources should be combined with your own research. We suggest you use targeted keyword searches to find representative employers and opportunities, explore professional associations, join LinkedIN groups, and browse additional job board postings.

As part of the RV Data & Analytics team, you'll continue developing award-winning A Red Ventures employee taking notes in a meeting. Careers.

Hot Jobs: Why Are Data Analysts in Demand and How to be One

The world runs on technology, but it also runs on data. Data analysis is the key to making the right decisions in business and in life. You use it to prove that with the right amount of nutrition, exercise, and commitment, you can reach your health goals.

What Are the Main Areas of Development for a Data Analyst’s Career?

Data analysts are responsible for collecting and analyzing data. Although many data analysts have prior experience, entry-level roles also exist. If you're interested in working in this field, there are tips you can use to find entry-level positions. In this article, we explain how you can find data analyst jobs with no experience and list five jobs for you to consider. It's possible for you to become a data analyst even if you don't have any experience. The data industry is expansive, so you're likely to find open jobs even without prior experience.

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Career as Data Analyst

Getting a job as a data analyst can open up a variety of exciting career paths, including data science, management, consulting, or specialization. Getting a job as a data analyst is the first step in what could be a larger data career. So what happens after you become a data analyst? If you have some experience with transferable analytical skills from a previous job, you may be able to get hired as a data analyst. Read more about how to become a data analyst , even if you don't have previous experience or a degree. As you gain experience as a data analyst, you may encounter opportunities to advance your career in a few different directions.

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Analytics represents an evolution in the amount of data one can collect, the statistical models used to interpret it, and the various ways its insights can be applied. Research from the International Data Corporation suggests the digital universe—the amount of data produced and copied globally—more than doubles in size every two years. By , it will have grown by a factor of 10 over where it stood in

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