Top rated jobs in india

Home Hiring 20 Highest paying jobs for computer science professionals in India. With the rapid growth of India's startup economy, the demand for skilled IT professionals is on the rise. A computer science major will earn you this much salary:. Facebook Linkedin WhatsApp Twitter. The highest-paying computer science jobs in India are the ones that require specialised technical and non-technical skills.

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Top rated jobs in india

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Best Careers in India

Public sector jobs have long been admired not only for the work profiles that lets you contribute towards social welfare but also for the lucrative salaries. The preferred mode of recruitment for most of the highest paying government jobs in India is through competitive exams which may consist of two or more stages of testing.

Through this blog, we are going to run you through 7 top government exams in India. There are plenty of government exams you can appear for after the 12th. Here is the list of highest paying government jobs in India after 12th:. Are you commerce students are worried about your government jobs after graduation? Here is a comprehensive list of the highest paying jobs in India curated for all commerce students:. Just finished your graduation and locating finest jobs?

Government jobs are preferred most in india. Here is a list of highest paying govt jobs in India all freshers should be aiming for:. Millions of Indians join the workforce every year and finding the right job is their main priority. Each sector offers a diverse range of jobs that freshers can opt for.

Figuring out further studies or jobs. You have to appear for government exams in order to be eligible but the list mentioned below is for graduate students only. Check out the list of highest paying government jobs in India after graduation:. To become a part of the Indian Foreign Services, you need to appear for the civil services exams organised by UPSC to select diplomats who represent India abroad.

Amongst the highest paying government jobs, you will be travelling all over the world as an IFS officer who generally spends a minimum of 3 years in one country. Along with this, IFS officers also enjoy various other perks like free medical care, free education for their children, etc. Selected through UPSC Exams , the civil services are considered amongst the toughest exams in India and attract the largest crowds of applicants. Apart from the civil services exam, those who want to continue in the field of Engineering can sit for one of the toughest exams in the world , the IES Exam.

The salary paid to employees consists of basic salary, allowance, insurance benefits, transport and conveyance and a host of other benefits. Moreover, the attractive bands of promotion, retirement schemes, etc make working in public sector undertakings a lucrative option. From working as a Branch Manager or Bank PO at the State Bank of India to working as a Grade-B officer in the Reserve Bank of India, the public sector banking institutions have established themselves as household names when it comes to the highest paying government jobs in India.

The competition to become a Bank PO , one of the highest entry-level designations in the banking sector, attracts lakhs of individuals each year. The benefits alone are enough to persuade job seekers to choose this field, from medical to rent to miscellaneous travel. The Indian public sector unit consists of several research organisations including but not limited to the Indian Space Research Organisation, DRDO, Council of Scientific and Industrial research, etc and offers immense growth opportunities for those who want to build a career in research.

A senior DRDO professional can expect to draw a salary of up to a maximum of INR 81, per month along with numerous additional benefits and the chance to work with state-of-the-art technology and tools. Even non-technical jobs like Administrative Assistant, Stenographer, Security Assistant and Clerk carry a high remuneration package.

Not only is it one of the highest paying government jobs in India, with flexible timings and the opportunity to work in the conducive research ambience of a university, but it also makes for a worthy career pathway. For those who hold a PhD degree and several years of experience working in an academic capacity, the rewards are parallelly high. Read or guide on How to Become a Professor and understand the process of working in one of the highest paying government jobs in India.

For those inclined towards building a career in Forestry , the best career available in the public sector is that of Indian Forest Services. With more focus and emphasis on conserving forests and wildlife, Indian Forest Officers are given the responsibility of protecting the forests and sanctuaries while also regulating mines and forest activities and assessing that they are not harming the environment in any way.

As one of the adventurous as well as highest paying government jobs in India, IFS is perfect for those who love mother nature and want to follow the noble calling of protecting the forests from any harm or hazardous activities.

Why not become a government doctor if you desire a government career in the medical field? After retirement, you will receive a pension, attractive compensation, maternity and paternity leaves, paid time off when needed, and vacation time, among other advantages.

The average starting salary of a government doctor in India is around INR 50, per month, making it one of the highest paying jobs in the government sector in India. It is one of the most desired government positions.

If you care about your country and have always wanted to help keep it safe, this is the job for you. As an IPS Officer , you will have access to numerous privileges and perks, including the ability to take study leave abroad and receive rent-free housing, an official vehicle with a driver, security guards, and domestic help, among others. With a starting average salary of INR 50, per month, it has entered our list of highest paying government jobs in India.

Furthermore, because you will be accompanying an IFS Officer, you will have the opportunity to travel and reside in another country. A job in the Defense Services may be your calling if you are patriotic and adventurous. This is one of the highest-paying government posts, with both freshmen and experienced candidates vying for it.

You will get a chance to explore and venture into uncharted waters. It is on our list of the highest paying government jobs in India after graduation, with an average beginning salary of INR 35, to INR 40, Why not pursue a career as an IRPS officer if you enjoy and are passionate about railways?

You will be able to hire, train, promote, and even demote employees. Housing and travel allowances, as well as medical care and a pension, are all included in the benefits package. While all government jobs pay generous salaries, there are few job profiles that earn better than the rest. Check out the highest paying government jobs in India with salary structures:.

CA, commercial pilots, aeronautical engineers earn better than any other field. Medical professionals and scientists earn the highest salary jobs in India per month. They can earn up to crores in a single fiscal year in salary, dividends, stocks and other benefits. Prospective examinees must consider that though the above-mentioned professions are amongst the highest paying government jobs in India, gaining entry and selection is parallelly break-neck competitive, demanding and gruelling.

Only with the right guidance, study plans and unique tips, one can make efforts count. The team of experts and mentors at Leverage Edu can lend you a helping hand throughout this process right from preparation to career direction counselling so that you are geared up for the next stage for a vibrant career.

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He just started. Can you please guide for a strategy? Hi, Pravin! We are happy to help you! Call us at 57 and get all the details for your desired career. Hi, Sowmiya! One app for all your study abroad needs Download x.

One app for all your study abroad needs Know More x. One app for all your study abroad needs. Start your journey, track your progress, grow with the community and so much more. I Indian Exams. Upcoming Government Exams. Life of an IAS Officer. Government Jobs After 12th Arts. To score well in UPSC exams, it is important to build a strong conceptual foundation. Bank Exams How to Prepare for Bank Exams?

How to Make a Career in Banking? Want to Join Government Institutes After 12th? But to join coveted posts, one has to clear entrance examinations. To understand this better, here is a blog on government exams after 12th Science that you can consider reading. University Assistant Exam. IFS Exam Pattern. Forestry Courses. BSc Forestry. Which profiles offer 1 lakh salary per month govt jobs in India? Which job has the highest salary in India? Which is the highest salary job in India per month?

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Take the first step today. Talk to an expert. You May Also Like. Read More 15 minute read. E English. Is it something that matters in the preparation for competitive exams? Read More 11 minute read.

Highest-Paying Cybersecurity Jobs in India

You are giving your best in studies, or you have done your best during academics and now, you are looking for the highest paying jobs in India that justify all your struggle. You are looking for a better career option after your 12th and after graduation or a job with a high salary with decent working hours and gives you decent holidays with job security. So here we are presenting before you the top 10 highest paying jobs in India. This blog also includes. A Data Analyst is a professional responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting extremely large amounts of data. A Data Scientist or Data Analyst needs to master statistical computations and major programming languages, as well as strong communication and interpersonal skills. With the advancement of technology and the growing population, data is peaking rapidly.

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India after 12th. There are plenty of government exams you can appear for after the 12th. Here.

These will be the top 10 most sought-after jobs in India in 2020

Home » Career Guidance » List of highest paid jobs in India. India is close to becoming a superpower. While it is true that our military might is a reason for our global growth, the biggest impact comes from our rising middle class. This rise is often attributed to people having more opportunities and getting the highest paying jobs in India. This is especially true for the younger generations. India is referred to as the land of the young. Thus, if you are a fresher or an experienced individual, looking for a career change, read on to find the highest paying jobs in India that you can get. Before we move on to discuss the list of highest paying jobs in India, I would first want to take your attention to an important point.

Top 10 best jobs for women and girls in India 2021

top rated jobs in india

When there are many students in India, who wish to get admission to prestigious colleges immediately after completion of their higher secondary education, there are also students, who wish to begin their career right after completion of their higher secondary course. This may be because of their financial situation or because of their lesser interest towards education. Even though, this is something easy to say, many students think that it is hard to find a job without a college degree. In addition, they think that even if they manage to find such a job, they cannot get good salary. But, the fact is that there are some professional fields that employ competent personnel without the requirement of any college degree and also pamper them with good pay.

Education that supplements a full-fledged growth certainly promises a payback.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2022 / Best Salary

Overview Using Payscale recently released research on the State of Remote Work in Bonuses are a beautiful thing. A base salary, also known as base pay, is the initial compensation If we learned anything from , is that the polls don't. Want to explore beyond your industry to see how organization are using compensation to drive their business forward and solve their toughest talent challenges?

Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs of 2020

An impressive 87 percent of professional engineers report being "satisfied to very satisfied" with their job. There are many considerations when choosing a focus, but pay is certainly a key factor in planning for your future. In terms of median pay and growth potential, these are the 10 highest paying engineering jobs to consider. The rise of big data has provided significant business opportunities, but complex data sets have no meaning if they're not structured in a comprehensible manner. Enter the big data engineer, tasked with creating the hardware and system architecture that enables others to interpret and utilize data. Petroleum engineers develop methods for extracting petroleum and natural gas from the ground, and then use those materials to create energy efficiently and cleanly. The field is also projected to grow much faster than the average career over the next five to 10 years.

Any job has a potential to earn you good money if you work tirelessly for years to see success. But there are certain jobs.

Being an IAS provides a very high level of job security. IAS officer gets power and prestigious both. An IAS officer gets awesome accommodation generally big bungalow at very minimal rent with this provides its cook, gardener, security guard, and servant. Car provided by the government with blue beacons and in some states amber and orange is used.

While a career cannot be defined in terms of only monetary gains or salary, there is no denying that a job that pays well is a major attraction for most people. After investing years and years in Education, it is not surprising to want to work in areas that pay what you deserve. While there are some careers that pay well, it is important to recognize that the salary offered by different organizations and industries have different benchmarks and the salary one receives also depends on their educational qualifications, skills and experience. Then keep on reading! With the rapid advancement in technology-based careers, this job profile brings a lot of promise and is significantly on the rise when it comes to demand. Even with limited work experience or none at all, the field offers a salary ranging between 4 to 12 lakhs per annum LPA to certified experts and goes up to LPA to professionals with five years of experience.

We hustle throughout our academic stage to secure a job that rewards us just right for all the efforts and dedication we have put in. In the current context, the digital shift driven by the pandemic has pushed the rise of AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Digital Support in healthcare, education, BFSI, pharma, including several tech-based startups.

The motivation for a large number of students to take up the technological field is the interesting work profile and the good pay that comes along with it. This article focuses on both product-based and service-based companies providing you with detailed insight into the company, what work it does, how the work culture is, and the pay scale of a software developer in India in that company. Situated in California, Google has its branches across various cities and countries around the world. Google is popularly known to be a search engine, but in reality, it offers much more services and products than that — YouTube being another popular example. Google is a dream company for a large number of software developers and budding engineers. It is one of the highest-paid companies in India but the motivation of students joining Google is beyond the pay scale. More than 10 lakh people apply for openings in Google every year which makes it hard to get in but with the right mindset, anyone can work for Google.

India is a developing country and over the last few decades, it has shown tremendous growth in most of the sectors. That is why students or graduates who pursue education or have completed studies are looking for the highest salary jobs in India in their respective sectors. We have formulated this article to cater to that need.

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