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The Third Alexander Goedicke International Competition for Organists

We are happy to have you here, and we wish you a meaningful and successful academic experience. You have probably considered a few other places to study, but we can assure you that you made the right choice. Here at Skoltech and in the surrounding Skolkovo eco-system of innovation and entrepreneurship, you will find many opportunities for personal, scientific, technological and business development. In order to make your acclimatization to Skoltech as smooth and as easy as possible, we have collected some essential information for you.

In this short guide, you will find useful details about Skoltech, services you may need, and other important details. This guide will be updated with more information soon.

Aeroexpress The Aeroexpress terminals are located at the following Moscow railway stations:. Railway stations are located close to metro stations, so you can easily continue your journey; see the timetable here.

Note: airports do not have direct connections. A transfer between airports by taxi or Aeroexpress with combination with metro may take up to three hours. However, there is free Wi-Fi on all Aeroexpress trains, so you can keep yourself occupied while you ride. Passengers can buy Aeroexpress tickets from Aeroexpress ticket offices and ticket vending machines, online or via the Aeroexpress mobile app for iOS and Android , and from mobile ticket clerks at the airports.

A standard one-way ticket costs RUB Social Responsibility Upon request, physically challenged passengers can receive assistance from a personal assistant free of charge. Train carriages are equipped with folding ramps to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users, as well as special seats and toilets.

The platforms at rail terminals and Aeroexpress terminals are equipped with tactile plates. The new double-deck carriages are equipped with lifts to accommodate wheelchairs.

Waiting time for a taxi during peak hours is only minutes. In the city center, the car will arrive within a couple of minutes. You can also use Uber, Yandex. Taxi, and Gett to get around. Skoltech is a new model in the Russian higher education system, bridging science and innovation to have an impact in Russia and in the world we live in.

Within our international community of scholars and researchers, we are doing more than graduating leaders, we are preparing agents of change to have both a scholarly and economic impact.

Students are essential peers and actors in this path and are expected to be self-responsible, proactive and engaged. Unfettered by departmental barriers, students continually cross disciplinary boundaries during applied learning experiences. In team environments and project-based learning activities, they also build communication skills, learn how to work in teams and attain the confidence necessary to take risks and innovate.

International experience is also a central part of a Skoltech education. The academic year at Skoltech is divided into four 8-week academic terms. There are two terms in fall and two terms in spring. In addition, there is an 8-week summer term between Year 1 and Year 2. The summer term is reserved for industrial immersion projects and there are no MSc courses offered. Students engage in experiential project-based and inquiry-based learning to live through the entire technology innovation cycle, progressing from idea to product along the three pillars of innovation: i Impact a.

Business Model. This work is performed in cross-disciplinary teams that create real life experience of complex innovation project. The course is less about knowledge and more about developing skills and attitudes necessary to lead successful life in innovation. Innovation Workshop is not a business accelerator or a business plan competition.

Some student projects may remain very early-stage and even immature. The other student projects may become developed enough to be continued beyond IW into the student Skoltech tenure. In both cases, the success of the IW project is measured not in quantitative terms of raising financing or starting operations, but in academic terms of diligently developing the projects along the three pillars of innovation. The only way to fail in Innovation Workshop is to give up or to free ride.

Any other route along the three pillars is success: students are encouraged to reshape and even restart their projects as they find appropriate.

There are no project failures in IW, only character and experience failures. We learn to be productively wrong and strikingly right. Students often have diverse passions but no means to explore them, especially if it is not related to their specialisation. The Independent Studies Period offers them a world of opportunities to explore their passions and go beyond their main educational field, making their academic learning truly interdisciplinary and allowing them to gain experience in creation of innovative projects.

Skoltech students had a chance to try on the role of real pilots, to design and control aircrafts, to participate in VR-marathons, as well as to deepen their language and public speaking skills, explore Russian culture, to create artworks based on the knowledge received from the course on contemporary art and very much more.

We strive to offer courses that combine practical skills, theoretical knowledge and to pursue studies in exciting and very new fields. Skoltech MSc students must participate in the ISP actively and be engaged full-time during January period, in order to maintain good standing and receive the scholarship. You can find general requirements here. The detailed requirements are announced by the Education Office in November. Skoltech students start exploring their potential areas of interest in research already during Terms 3 and 4 of the first academic year.

These early research projects are of an exploratory nature mainly helping students to identify possible themes for further development into final thesis projects. First year MSc students have their Early Research Project as a compulsory graded 6 credit educational component developing over Terms 3 and 4.

Second year students start their formal thesis development process with a thesis proposal submission at the beginning of the final year. In a course of the second year MSc students undergo a number of stages in their final thesis preparation culminating in final MSc thesis submission and defense in June, following the end of Term 8.

Both checkpoints require students to summarise their research achievements and present their research findings to the evaluation committee. Thesis research workload is standardized at 24 credits distributed evenly across the four terms Term 5 — Term 8 of the second academic year — 6 credits per term.

Final MSc thesis defenses contribute additional 6 credits in Term 8 thus making a total of 36 credits for the overall thesis work to comply with degree requirements. The standard 8-week academic term is intensive by nature.

Although the structure described is not prescriptive, most courses will organise themselves around these principles. The term is typically divided into an instruction period ending with an assessment of student learning, followed by an application period.

Teaching and learning activities are concentrated in Weeks 1 — 6. This will include activities for assessment and feedback e. Some courses are also designed to be practical and applied throughout, so will have group or individual projects from the first week. The formal summative assessment typically takes place in Week 7. The aim is to assess the factual understanding of the subject matter, as well as to assess conceptual understanding.

These assessments can be written, oral, project-based or some combination. The application period typically begins already at the end of Week 7 and continues through the entire Week 8. The goal of the application period is apply practically and experientially the knowledge gained in the previous weeks. In the majority of courses, there will be a group project with final presentations. For the Masters of Science degree, students must satisfy the following broad degree requirements totaling ECTS over the two 2 years of study:.

Skoltech students who successfully satisfy the degree requirements will receive two separate degrees upon graduation: a Russian state degree and state diploma supplement in Russian , as well as a Skoltech diploma and European diploma supplement in English.

The ECTS system utilizes a credit concept to compare courses by average workload for a typical student. At Skoltech, one 1 ECTS is calculated as being the equivalent of 27 hours astronomical of workload, both contact and non-contact hours.

Most courses and projects are based on 3 credits 81 total hours or 6 credits total hours. At Skoltech, students are expected to be engaged in their studies full-time, which according to the ECTS system, translates as a minimum and standard workload of at least 12 ECTS per term.

This is the equivalent of hours or, divided by the 8-week term, approximately 40 hours per week. While 12 hours is the minimum and standard workload, students can take up to 18 credits per term, as long as they are in good academic standing and have no academic performance issues.

Students are encouraged to be proactive in learning more about Education at Skoltech. SIS is used for term registration and shows the annual course catalog. Students can also access their course history and grades.

For general information, forms and templates, look under the Resources link. You can also reference the Policies links. Information can also be found in the relevant section of the Skoltech website. If something is not found or not clear, students are expected to email the Education Office education skoltech. All courses are available through Course Catalog accessible via SIS and are organized in an alphabetical order, as well as within individual educational programs.

Please refer to Course Syllabus for a detailed description of the course. The same course syllabi available in both: sis and web-site. Syllabi show the structure and grading system of the courses for your information.

Note that some courses may require advisor, supervisor or instructor approval. You can drop courses, but you must keep in mind the formal requirements mentioned above. You are fully responsible for all course demands, even from the first day of classes. Specific Policies and Request Forms. Additional guidelines, tricks and deadlines can also be found in SIS. A welcome guide can be found in SIS Resources, but the strength of Canvas is its simple and intuitive navigation and features.

In addition, Canvas has a very active user community and a vast array of online resources. You will only have access to active term courses and only after registration results are synced from SIS. This happens no later than the first day of the term and courses are archived soon after the end of the term.

Academic Performance and Skoltech Expectations Students are expected to perform at the best of their abilities and have a full-time commitment to educational activities at Skoltech.

Mail.ru Annual Report 2019 and Q1 2020 results

VK , was known as Mail. It was started in as an e-mail service and went on to become a major corporate figure in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. As of [update] according to comscore , websites owned by VK collectively had the largest audience in Russia and captured the most screen time. VK controls and operates the 3 largest and most popular Russian social networking sites, VK , [5] Odnoklassniki , and Moi Mir , respectively. In October , Mail. The business was originally owned by Port. The Mail.

E-mail: [email protected] Bychkov Igor V. Doctor of Technical Sciences, ID SB RAS, Irkutsk Director, Phone office: +7()

7 Workplace Insights We Learned in 2021

Many years of work with students on their diploma works and participation in grants and projects have shown the following. To increase the competitiveness of their products, the manufacturers have to search for new principles for production organization on the basis of modern highly intelligent computer systems. But to use successfully such software it is not enough just to be aware of their functions, commands and interface. In addition, it is necessary to possess certain theoretical knowledge in such disciplines as mechanics, mathematics, physics. The present educational program is aimed at helping the undergraduate in mastering the skills of working with modern software for modeling the mechanical systems and teaching him to conduct the engineering analysis on the basis of the formed understanding of the processes, going on in these systems. At the end of the training, the Master, who has successfully acquired the program, will gain a unique complex of skills and knowledge, and this will allow him to compete successfully at the labor market and get a well-paid and, as well, interesting job in modern leading domestic and foreign companies and organizations. The training is conducted by high-skilled specialists in the area of automotive industry, dynamics, strength and engineering analysis.

UPDATE 2-London-listed Mail.Ru plans share offer in Moscow

employee id number search mail ru

Ru Group Supplier. All countries. Update profile. Description Mail.

Artem Bobulich Tel. Outlook reminder.

Mail.Ru Group (Supplier)

Role of the Treasury. Organizational Chart. Orders and Directives. International Affairs. Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

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By Anastasia Teterevleva , Megan Davies. Ru plans to also list its shares in Moscow in the near future, its chief financial officer said on Thursday. The additional listing will be a secondary placement of shares supported by three major strategic shareholders, CFO Matthew Hammond said. A Russian listing can help employees trade stocks and boost liquidity, he said. It was unclear whether the offering would be only to strategic investors or to the public. Ru also said on Thursday revenue growth for would slow from the previous year, but core profitability would be broadly maintained.

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Struggling, suffering employees are more likely than thriving ones to leave. Learn what you can do to keep your people. We bridge the science of analytics with the art of advice and learning to help clients identify and achieve what's possible.


The United Nations strongly recommends that the recipients of solicitations, such as those described above exercise extreme caution in respect of such solicitations. Financial loss and identity theft could result from the transfer of money or personal information to those issuing such fraudulent correspondence. Victims of such scams may also report them to their local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Welcome to the United Nations.

The competition founder: Moscow State P. Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Description: In this presentation we'll cover a report that provides an overview of the most obvious difficulties and prospects of organizing employment for people with mental disabilities in Russia in general and the Krasnoyarsk Territory in particular. Description: This session will be led by a person with intellectual disabilities ID. She will share her personal experience and those of other people with ID as they train for work, seek employment, and perform their jobs. The session will capture the importance of independence and learning valuable skills. The session intends to encourage the audience to partner with people with ID to provide this training, to develop opportunities, and to create inclusive environments. Co-presenter: Pierre Young, former St. Paul Public School student, St.

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