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Even though mobile technology wasn't exactly hot in , Waheed Qureshi saw that it was the future. He founded Redwood City, Calif. Zenprise , which develops platforms to help organizations maximize and secure their use of mobile technology. At the same time, he was also concerned about relinquishing control of his company and wanted his view to be considered in its direction and growth. Instead of turning to a search firm, which would have been cost-prohibitive for his fledgling startup, he decided to approach a few people he had met through various business contacts.

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Zenprise employee reviews

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Firms neglect security threat of BYOD

All rights reserved. This manual, as well as the software described in it, is furnished under license and may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of such license. The content of this manual is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Zenprise, Incorporated. Zenprise Incorporated assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this book.

Except as permitted by such license, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Zenprise, Incorporated.

Any references to company names, organizations, persons, or places are for demonstrations purposes only and are not intended to refer to any actual company, organization, person or place.

Each mobile device must run the application and enroll to the Device Manager server in order to receive deployment packages from the Device Manager server and host remote support sessions initiated by IT technical staff.

The document is organized as follows: Chapter 1, Introduction, provides the scope and purpose of the document. Chapter 2, About the Device Manager Client, provides a general description of the agent software and its features. Chapter 4, Using Data Provided by the Agent, briefly outlines the information the agent provides about the hand held device 1.

Device Manager System Administration Guide provides details about configuring the application and essential steps required to register devices, users, policies, files, and deployment packages.

Device Manager s integrated reporting subsystem is also discussed. Device Manager Client Guide - describes installation and use of the device client for Windows Mobile, Android and ios devices. Device Manager F5 High Availability Guide provides the procedures to setup the Device Manager server product in high availability mode with an F5 network load balancer appliance.

Device Manager Remote Support User s Guide discusses using Device Manager s remote control features to work with devices on behalf of users in the field. Warning convey limits, negative impacts or other important information as follows: Note: Do not close the window before the process ends.

Application Elements Window names, field labels, and other elements are italicized. Apple handheld devices iphone, ipad using ios 3. Due to platform restrictions or security features, not all features are supported on all platforms. The following table summarizes the features available by platform. The agent software automatically installs and prompts the hand- held s user to connect the Device Manager server to authenticate. In the case of Android or ios devices, the agent may be acquired from the public application market for those platforms Android Market and itunes AppStore, respectively.

The agent software may be installed on hand held devices via a physical connection cable or via a wireless channel WiFi or cellular data network. The following sections describe the installation sequence for each platform assuming a wireless channel. It is recommended to download the Android agent from the Google Android Market older Android devices may not accept apps installed outside of the Market.

Download and install the free app. Tap Save and Connect. A good connection is indicated by a solid green ball in the Connection status row. Tap the Free button, then tap the Install button. Launch the Zenprise app and tap Enroll iphone when prompted.

Note: also use this process for ipad devices. Tap Install Corporate Certificate. Tap Install. Tap Done. Zenprise Enrollment is now Complete. Tap the Home button on the ios device to return to home state. The user should enter their password and click Enroll. The user should follow the instructions above in section 3. Click Yes. A good connection is indicated by a solid green ball in the page heading area. For example, The screen to the right will appear.

Click OK. The installation will proceed. Click YES to launch Zenprise. Enter username, password, and server information.

Enter Connection information will appear. Click Options to review details. Click Close to finish setup. This can be useful when pre- configuring in batch mode a large number of devices requiring substantially the same configuration. SD card installation package may be deployed via an SD card, among other application software.

This method, however, may require manual configuration of settings such as registry keys, depending on the platform. The Device Manager icon appears at the top of the screen, and the device attempts to connect to the Device Manager server. This is indicated when the application icon is replaced by two, opposed vertical arrows. The following applies to this situation: The Device Manager icon on the mobile device displays a question mark.

The window immediately reappears in which the User and Password are entered. The device can only use tunnels authorized in Anonymous mode and receives the configuration that the administrator has associated with this mode. Anonymous mode can prove useful when administrators need to configure mobile devices used by different users e.

To remove the agent, do the following: 1. To obtain information on the device, tap on the Device Manager agent icon and then tap Details.

The information displayed on the Connection tab shows which connection type is active. On some platforms, Device Manager agent icon can also be accessed from Applications or Programs in the mobile device s Start menu, even if the icon has been configured to be hidden on the device s taskbar. Also, if required, required programs can be reinstalled, should they have been uninstalled by the user in accordance with the configuration defined under the Policies tab of the Device Manager Administration Console Due to the built- in configuration enforcement features defined by the administrator on the Device Manager Administration Console, all setting and secure rules override any changes that users may introduce in their mobile devices.

For example, Device Manager Server verifies at each connection that the configuration on the mobile device is consistent with the configuration rules defined by the administrator.

If they aren t, the Device Manager Server retransmits the configurations each time it connects to the mobile device. Zenprise Device Manager 6.

This manual, as well. Trend Micro Incorporated reserves the right to make changes to this document and to the products described herein without notice. Before installing and using the product, please review the readme files,.

Preparing for GO! An overview of GO! Enterprise MDM Preparing your environment for GO! Firewall rules. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Version: This manual, as well as the software described. Configuring and Connecting ios devices iphone,. Manual Copyright , 3CX Ltd. Companies names and data used in examples herein are fictitious.

Companies names. What is Endpoint Protector? Activation of Mobile Device Management Advanced Configuration Steps After you have downloaded a trial, you can perform the following from the Setup menu in the MaaS portal: Configure additional services Configure device enrollment settings.

Complying with all applicable copyright laws is the responsibility of. Version 1. Introduction to Mobile Access Gateway Installation This document describes the installation process for the Mobile Access Gateway MAG , which is an enterprise integration component that provides a secure. JAMF Software has made. Enterprise MDM. Unless otherwise. Enterprise MDM server version 3. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval.

There are two modes. JAMF Software has made all efforts to ensure that this guide is accurate. Installation Guide Live Maps 7. Contents Introduction User Manual for Version 4. In this guide we will take you through the steps to enrolling your first device.

Sophos Mobile Control Installation guide Product version: 3. Sophos Mobile Control Installation guide Product version: 2.

Citrix Endpoint Management

I know this is an older post but was wondering what you found. We recently went with Airwatch and are incredibly happy with what we have. I looked at Zenprise, Mobile Iron and a few others. We even used a program called ezcomet for a while. For the price and what airwatch gives you it is basically free. Also to note about the remote wipes, they have several levels like wiping enterprise data vs.

system has been expanded to allow input and review from NDDOT employees, Federal Highway Adminis- tration (FHWA), counties, cities.

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Searching for chad bartley cpa corporate office? Here is the most relevant information connected with chad bartley cpa corporate office, including phone numbers, addresses, locations and more. We give priority to finding official and reliable sources for all companies in our database. In addition, for each company, additional information such as: email addresses, official website, reviews, phone numbers, and additional sources of information can be specified. We collect data from third-party websites, official websites, and other public sources. The data collected are carefully checked by our experts before they are added to the database. However, we cannot give any guarantees for the hundred percent reliability of the data, as every day there are different kinds of changes in companies.

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zenprise employee reviews

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The following content is a brief and unofficial prerequisites guide to creating and renewing an Apple APNS certificate prior to deploying in a PoC, Pilot or Production environment by the author of this entry.

Is iOS 5 Ready for the Enterprise?

XenMobile is a comprehensive solution to manage mobile apps, data and devices, available both on-premises and in the cloud. Users have single-click access to all of their apps from a unified corporate app store and IT can easily configure, secure and support mobile devices. With XenMobile technology, IT can meet their compliance and control needs while giving users the freedom to experience work and life their way. Updated: January We use this solution to deliver enterprise applications to users' mobile devices, iPads, and Android tablets. ShareFile , in particular, is valuable with its ease of sharing, and the best category security that is in the hands of users.

BlackBerry 10 Teased Kicking Off BlackBerry World

Ubitexx is a developer of management and security solutions for smartphones and PDAs. Financialterms of the buyout, announced at the Blackberry World developer's conferencehere, were not disclosed. From a singleconsole, IT administrators will be able to provision software updates andmanage policies, inventory, security and services for iOS and Android devices,in addition to Blackberry gadgets. Administratorswill also be able to activate devices and push software updates over the air,lock and wipe devices, reset passwords and manage certain mobile applicationsfrom the console. RIM warnedthat certain management features, such as push technology and IT policies, areexpected to remain exclusive to BlackBerry devices because they are builtdirectly into a device's operating system. AndrewBocking, vice president of handheld software product management for RIM, said theUbitexx buy is central to RIM's plans for a multi-platform BlackBerryEnterprise Solution intended for enterprises and government organizations.

Proposal 2: Approval of the Citrix Systems, Inc. Employee Stock As part of its oversight function, the Audit Committee regularly reviews the.

Mobile Device Management Spotlight: Zenprise

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You can now use multiple monitors with different DPI settings. Run the install file and start the Citrix App. Solution: 1. In your Citrix Workspace app applications, use all the familiar Android gestures, including the tap, swipe, drag, and pinch. Problem: Black window on extra screens and scaling issued.

With an explosion of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise, employees can potentially gain access to the corporate network, proprietary business applications and sensitive data from anywhere at any time. The risks associated are high as employee habits and behaviours can lead to data loss, exposure of the corporate network and compliance breaches.

A Successful BYOD Policy Balances Usability and Control

Zenprise opened for business in these markets last month. He is based in Sydney and has nine years of diverse technical consulting experience in MDM behind him, having started out with BlackBerry and worked on projects with such leading organisations as Telstra, Telecom New Zealand, Optus Australia, Fujitsu, Vodafone and Qantas. John Martens reports that Zenprise has already concluded several sales to high profile financial, transportation and service industry companies, details of which will be announced pending buyer approvals. They see what Zenprsie can do for their customers who need to address the security issues around the rapidly growing use of mobile devices, including BYOD in mixed business and personal use environments. Resellers currently number 19 across both markets. New ends About Zenprise Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Zenprise provides the most innovative and secure mobile device management , backed by the best customer service in the industry. We are the only company delivering next generation mobile device management software.

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The legions of Apple aficionados who have downloaded iOS 5 are probably most excited about the more consumer-oriented new features, such as iCloud storage and syncing, Notification Center and iMessage. Are they right? These features include:.

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