Resume writing change of career

Thinking Of Changing Careers? Career Change Resume Packages are perfect for new customers who are seeking to switch industries or career paths, or customers who have been out of the workforce for an extended amount of time and are now looking to re-enter the working world. The folks I spoke with at About Jobs were highly professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They offered great guidance and provided an intuitive framework for me to explore opportunities for career growth. The final products delivered were very compelling and I have already gotten several compliments from recruiters for the quality of my personal documents.

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Resume writing change of career

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Career change resume writing services that get you noticed

Choose the resume service with a CareerProPlus provides you with several resume services to choose from, including corporate, government contractor, military transition, federal government, SES application resumes and civilian resume writing for veterans!

I would certainly use their services again. Our corporate resumes are meticulously built to quickly impress HR in 10 seconds or less. Get ahead of your competition by having a strategically prepared professional resume developed to enable you to compete and earn interviews. Our multi-certified writers use all best hiring practices and land our clients interviews. Let us help you turn your military experience into a competitive and value added resume that earns interviews.

Understanding the federal hiring system is complex; our team is here to guide you through the process. We know just how to craft this most important SES resume to land your application on the top of the pile to be interviewed. Gain the competitive-edge and hire multi-certified resume writers who land our clients interviews.

This executive leadership and accomplishment based resume is crafted in a powerful presentation and will make a strong case to hire you! Let the 1 SES writing team take the guesswork out of this complex application.

ECQ writing is our specialty. You landed an interview now what? You might need assistance in interview coaching and we can help. We offer several types of interview coaching and customize our program to your exact needs. If you have that all important interview, and need assistance to prepare to put your best responses our Certified Career Advisors can assist you. We have developed many effective on-site and on-line training programs.

ECQ Writing Training and more can be taught both on-site and online. How can we assist you or your agency gain the expertise to increase knowledge in federal hiring practices? Begin a new career or expand your expertise in federal career advising, writing military transition resumes, and more. Earn your certifications on-site or on-line at your own pace. Call us for more information. In business since and one of the oldest, largest, and most trusted career management services, CPG focuses on product quality, customer service, and process.

We are the leaders in creating and developing corporate, military transition, federal and government contractor resumes, with additional expertise in career coaching, eLearning, and training. CareerProPlus also helps clients design and write resumes that can sail smoothly through ATS applicant tracking systems , or resume processing programs that screen out most resumes before they ever reach human eyes.

The vast majority of employers today use some form of applicant tracking software. While this system saves time, qualified candidates often fall through the cracks due to resume scanning issues. We can help you create a resume that impresses your target audiences after actually making it to their desks. With utilization of all best practices , the proper formatting techniques, the right keywords and the correct accomplishments highlighted, you can avoid that extra obstacle posed by applicant tracking systems and land an interview in no time.

CareerProPlus can help you tailor your resume to accommodate the specific requirements for each of the following sectors.

We keep our fingers on the pulse of all hiring trends and practices. In this global and very competitive employment environment, a good resume is no longer good enough; you need a great resume to be competitive. If you are transferring from the corporate sector to the federal government or the federal government to the corporate sector, your resume must be full of rich content, keywords, and focused accomplishments.

Writing to your targeted audience with the most robust language, keywords and presentation is essential. CPG has the experts! We share over 30 years of expertise and our resumes land interviews!

CareerProPlus provides you with several types of resume services to choose from, including Corporate, Military Transition Veteran , Government Contractor and Federal resumes. These types of resumes are crafted completely different from one another and should not be used across the board for your job search. For best results, our Career Advisors will discuss the most appropriate approach and path forward in the type of resume you require, and ways to bring out the highlights of your experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Earn interviews faster and strategically with the help of our premier career coaching and professional writing team. You want to take every opportunity to highlight your experience and value to an employer. If you take your career and job search seriously, it only makes sense to hire a professional who knows exactly what to do. Our company is a one-stop shop for all careers and our award-winning and premier writers and career coaches are here for one thing: to ensure you receive the latest advice and proven resume strategies to earn you the interview and job you seek.

It makes sense to hire the best, and with multiple industry certifications and three decades of experience, we can confidently say we are the best. Our clients say that hiring CareerProPlus is one of the best decisions they ever made!

Get Started: To get started, call us at or better yet, click on Get Started and submit a copy of your current resume if possible, performance evaluations, position descriptions, and job vacancy of interest.

The best resume makes a big difference when applying for a job, but not all resumes are the same. Some, such as federal resumes, require an entirely different approach than the average resume. That is where professional resume writers come in. Professional resume writers know how to write resumes best, from understanding the proper formatting […]. Read More. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the Career Pro Center for writing my resume.

I interviewed for the Property Management position on Wednesday, January 25th and was offered the position yesterday. Thank you again for your patience and assistance. Get Started Today. Your Career is Our Business. Learn More. Get Started Now Help with Writing Resumes That Land Interviews In this global and very competitive employment environment, a good resume is no longer good enough; you need a great resume to be competitive.

Get Your Free Consultation. Hot Jobs of the Week Sorry, but your browser does not support frames. Sorry, but your browser does not support frames. Testimonials I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the Career Pro Center for writing my resume.

Career Change Resume for 2022 [9+ Examples]

Career and job search help for creative professionals. Blue Sky Resumes is a small team of professional writers and job search experts. We offer one-of-a-kind resumes, smart career advice and fantastic customer service. This is our blog. By Louise Fletcher. Writing a resume for career change can be a daunting prospect. How do you present your past and current experience in such a way that it appeals to hiring managers in a totally different field?

When it comes to changing careers, pay isn't the No. founder of Chicago-based executive resume writing firm Resume Pilots.


Several decades ago, most people spent their entire working lives in one industry. How do you find work in a completely new field? Assuming you have the relevant education for the job you want, your best bet is to craft a resume that tells your story and highlights your most relevant and transferable skills. No matter what your ambitions are, a strong resume is an invaluable tool that can help ease your transition into a new line of work. Before we share what recruiters exactly want in your career changer resume, here's a resume template that you can use as a foundation to get started. Here's the link to our career change resume template in Google Docs. Feel free to use it as a foundation for your own resume!

Types of Resumes

resume writing change of career

I spoke to multiple professional resume writers, coaches, and other experts and put together this list of resume tips for career changers, as well as real-life examples of resumes that got interviews. With this format, your resume or CV lists your work experience in the order it happened, starting with your most recent or current position at the top. You should not include a resume objective when changing careers or on any resume, in fact. I asked multiple experts for tips and examples of how to write a resume summary for a career change, so here are some tips from coaches, resume writers, and other experts.

It is never too late for a career change. In a competitive job market even professionals are not granted with unconditional success in a job search.

Tips for Perfect Resume for Someone Making a Career Change

Join InHerSight's growing community of professional women and get matched to great jobs and more! Already have an account? Ready to change careers? Most resumes are chronological resumes. That is, they list work experience prominently and in reverse chronological order. For a career change, use a hybrid resume , which combines elements of a functional or skills-based resume and a chronological resume.

How to Write Powerful and Memorable HR Resumes

Business News Daily receives compensation from some of the companies listed on this page. Advertising Disclosure. Creating a resume is perhaps the most difficult aspect of searching for a job. It can be stressful fitting all of your notable experience onto one carefully formatted page and ensuring that it's error-free. More difficult than that, however, is creating a resume when you are changing careers and entering a field where you'll compete with candidates who likely already have relevant experience in that field. Don't be discouraged.

Career Change Resume: Guide to Resume for Career Change · Use reverse chronological resume format. · Frame one line bullet points using cause.

How to Write a Career Change Cover Letter

We like to think of our careers in terms of a straight line: ever upward, ever forward; more experience, more responsibility. But sometimes, getting ahead means going in a completely new direction. If you're facing a career change, you need a resume nimble enough to reflect your previous experience while translating your accomplishments in a way that highlights your potential for new successes.

How To Write An Effective Career Change Resume

A career change cover letter can help you explain why you have decided to pursue a new career. Knowing how to explain to a hiring manager why you are choosing a new career path is a part of the job transition process. In this article, you can learn more about the important steps for writing a cover letter for a career change. A career change cover letter is a business letter that explains why and how you are choosing to switch to a new career. An employer or hiring manager may wonder why you are changing careers and if you have the skills for your new career.

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A big part of creating an effective resume is choosing the right resume format to tell your story with. You need to structure your resume in a way that best shows your transferable skills and experience. And when it comes to switching careers, the combination resume format does that best. This format places equal emphasis on skills and important work experience. So, how do you get the recruiter to stop and read your career change resume when they only look at resumes for 6 seconds on average? Your resume objective highlights how your current skills are relevant and will transfer to your new position. But as a rule of thumb, if you were working in a related field and have some transferable skills, go for a resume summary.

Using the Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit below will help you write an effective resume and cover letter. In addition, we recommend that you talk to industry professionals in your career area. There can be occupation-specific preferences and norms that you need to understand and incorporate.

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