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Attaining a great pay package in their desired university is a dream of any student. One of the most motivational factors for students finding a career, apart from job satisfaction, is the money involved. There are many ways in which students chose this stream, but one of the key reasons is that trade forms a strong basis for higher education and opens doors to many high-paying professions. As a Commerce student, you would like to follow a professionally and socially satisfying career area, which would also include a high-paying job that helps you to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

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10 Career Choices With Incredible Upside for 2021 and Beyond

Career Advice These 12 careers are your best chance to get a job in You have the best chance of getting hired if you are pursuing any one of these 12 careers in These are the jobs with the highest demand for hiring and the greatest increase in growth. The world is back to work and so are you! So, you need to make your steps or should I say interviews count.

Over 1 million new hires. This career shot up to 1 because it has the highest projected hiring volume out of all careers, hiring 1,, new Home Health and Personal Care Aides in the next 8 years. If want to do meaningful work helping others, Home Health or Personal Care Aide might be your cup of tea.

You will administer medication and check patient pulse rates, temperature, and blood pressure readings. These are some online classes to start your journey as a Home Health Aide.

No student loan money is required. They coordinate patient care and may provide primary and even specialty healthcare. But, you will need to complete one more step — a state license and national APRN certification. Here is a video showing you what it is like to be a Nurse Practioner:. Maybe as a user, you are always finding bugs in apps, now you get paid to fix them.

You will need a Bachelors degree, but you will be designing and running software tests to find problems and keep the world efficient. You will be involved in the entire process of creating a software program.

Developers start by asking the customer how they plan to use the software to identify the core functionality the user needs. You will help determine security requirements. Then, you design the program and work closely with a programmer , who writes the computer code. However, some developers write code themselves.

If you are considering being a Market Research Analyst, make sure you have a work personality that is:. You can take a career test to find out if your work personality fits this job. Renewable energy is the trend as the world is more concerned about global warming. Since last year, the Biden administration has not only voiced strong support for alternative energies but has proposed trillions of dollars in spending for renewable energy sources.

If you like a little adventure, this is the gig for you because you need to enjoy working outdoors and not be afraid of heights or working in small spaces. You will be stuffing yourself inside a turbine housing to build it, fix it, or run routine maintenance. According to the American Clean Power , clean energy provides more than , jobs in the USA and there are over 55, wind turbines jobs and growing. A potential drawback to this job is you may have to move to a state where they will be installing or already have wind turbines.

Skills needed to be a wind turbine technician Wind Tech :. You will need to be a hands-on, tool-loving person. Similar to installing solar panels, many companies offer on-the-job training or you can find some online courses for technical training on how to become a wind turbine technician. This video shows what it's like to work as a Wind Turbine Technician:. If you like to work outside and you like working with your hands and tools, this job could be perfect for you.

Your main task is to install solar panels on roofs. What kind of education or training does a solar installation expert need? More good news! Companies offer on-the-job training that could take up to a year. Now if you want to look impressive and want a better chance of landing the gig, some technical schools and community colleges offer online solar energy training courses that will help get you started in your solar career.

The best part is - No College Degree Required! Most Chefs learn their skills through work experience. However, you can get training from select community colleges, technical schools, culinary arts schools , or 4-year colleges.

Your job is to choose the dishes to serve, oversee the daily food preparation, and direct the kitchen staff to handle any food-related concerns. All that binge-watching during covid has created an army of people wanting to get back into shape and now there is a serious demand for Exercise Trainers and Fitness Instructors.

If you were one of the smart ones that kept your workout routine going, it's time to make it pay off for you. As a Fitness Trainer , you will mostly meet clients and groups at health clubs, recreations centers, yoga studios, gyms, and even clients' homes. You teach everything you do at the gym now: cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and stretching.

A high school diploma is your only requirement but some organizations prefer an associate's or bachelor's degree. Your knowledge needs to include nutritional advice and it would be a good idea to get certified in emergency first aid. Some even offer personal trainer certification.

If Yoga is more of your specialty, the Yoga Alliance requires and hours of training, depending on the credential. If you love negotiating and dreamed of representing someone famous behind the scenes, your time has come. This career is predicted to rocket up in growth over the next 8 years. Besides negotiations, your day-to-day involves recruiting new talent, marketing, and promotion. You will need to develop a good relationship with your clients and teams to get a better understanding of the needs of both.

A law degree is valuable because you are negotiating contracts for your clients. Our hunger for the games is growing and so is the need for more professional athletes and sports competitors. There is only one way to get into this occupation There are currently between 16, and 17, professional athletes in the USA.

The majority of the professional athletes are self-employed, meaning they acquire their own sponsorship or are sponsored by an existing team. Most athletes start in high school and college and are discovered by a scout from a professional team or by attending a tryout. Notre Dame holds the record for producing more professional football players than any other college with a whopping athletes that went on to play in the NFL.

The training is long and challenging and the injuries in this profession are much higher than normal. Most do it for the love of the game and a shot at a multi-million dollar contract. Learn more about the life of a professional athlete by watching this video:. If you enjoy helping people look good on camera or in character you could be earning up to 6 figures.

You will be working closely with talent, literally in their face close, as you spend hours designing and applying their makeup. You are an artist that will sometimes get to enjoy the feel of a part-time therapist when the talent takes a moment in your makeup chair to talk about their day.

You will consult with the director, writing staff, and performers to create the perfect effect. There are makeup artists schools in every state. Some states, like California, require you to have an aesthetics license. Watch this video to learn more about the life of a Makeup Artist. This is another medical career that has taken a jump in demand.

Enjoy working on your feet and helping people improve the quality of their lives? As an occupational therapist , you will help patients develop the skills they need to do a range of daily activities from getting dressed to working, learning, and playing.

One of the neat things about this inspiring career is how dynamic it is. Love kids? You could work with premature babies at a pediatric hospital or in schools with children who have developmental, learning, or behavioral disorders.

Many occupational therapists even help accident victims regain the skills they need to live their best lives. There is a way you can find out if your personality fits one of these careers. Take a career test for your work personality , learn about your personality strengths in a working environment, and see the list of careers that fit you best.

This will help guide you to the best career for you. This is your life and the career you will be investing in for years to come. Make the right career choice that brings energy and joy to who you are. After all, if you enjoy your work, you will never work a day in your life. Learn more about CareerFitter. Take the career test or learn more about the career test. Choosing the Best Occupation.

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In 2021, ‘Statistician’ Continues to be a Best Job

See how you can elevate your career with a degree in business. You can apply the skills you develop while earning a business degree in many industries. Learn more about each role—job description, salary, career outlook, and requirements—to help you decide if a career option for business graduates is right for you. You manage many operational duties of a health care facility—tasks that might include:. This role might be a good fit if: You pay attention to detail. Explore the quickly-evolving landscape of healthcare management with the Business of Health Care Specialization from the University of Pennsylvania.

Here are four smart choices you can make when you're young that will. It's best to do this earlier in your career, when mistakes are.

Top 20 Fun Jobs That Pay Well in 2021

India is the fastest-growing economy in the world, which makes it a hotbed for multiple new industries and expansion in older professions. Most jobs that require work with computers are often high paying, with many new industries seeing an emergence in popularity and a higher salary. Still, computer science engineering is the highest paying job in India, primarily if you work for companies like Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. Maybe a merchant navy position is a little unconventional, but if you love the beach and are interested in traveling by sea, you can expect a fulfilling career. A merchant navy refers to a crew that manages commercial shipping operations. The job is comparable to a truck driver because it's a physically demanding and socially absent position that expects you to spend months on the water. After years in the position, you can expect to make Rs. The civil services examination exam is one of the oldest, most difficult tests in India.

Accountant Careers

top career choices 2021

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Ever wonder who gets paid the most?

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Technology in 2022

Jeff Gillis 0 Comments. But what is a fun job? And are there any fun jobs that also pay well? Well, technically, fun careers can be any kind of work that you legitimately enjoy. Think about it; some people love math, so the accountant job description might sound amazing to them.

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LinkedIn data reveals the top 15 in-demand jobs in and the most important skills needed for each position. A new report highlights the fastest-growing job areas over the past year, which are ranked based on a combination of demand and the number of jobs available. In light of the COVID pandemic, LinkedIn is shifting the focus of its annual emerging jobs report to emphasize where the opportunity is right now. Previous editions of this report have focused on job trends over the past 5 years, but the world of work has changed rapidly over the past 12 months. Before you scroll down to look at the full list — yes, digital marketing is among the fastest-growing jobs! As are digital content creation and UX design.

For those looking to make a career change or just getting started, it may be in your best interest to find a job that's projected to grow.

3 E's Roadmap

Will the cost of my education be repaid by its value? Will that career even exist by the time I am ready to join the workforce? Sindano Nekundi, Marketing Manager, Standard Bank, delivered the keynote address at the Fair, and he echoed similar sentiments. An area in the exhibition hall was designated to NUST alumni, who voluntarily gave advice to students.

5 careers for business management degree graduates.

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Explore your training options in 10 minutes Get Matched. By continuing you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy , and you consent to receive offers and opportunities from Career Karma by telephone, text message, and email. These are the best technology careers because they offer high salaries, promising employment growth, and excellent satisfaction ratings. These tech jobs also boast competitive benefits packages, including health care insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. And the best part is, with new short-term training programs like coding bootcamps , you can learn to code and launch your career in tech faster than ever.

For many students, a bachelor's degree in business management is exactly what they need to propel their career forward and take it to the next level.

Top 100 Careers

We are living in a time of flux, with jobs lost to automation while other jobs require specific skills and qualifications. Read all about the best paying jobs in technology below to see which interests you the most. So in the list of the highest paying tech jobs, you would have definitely heard about this one - becoming a product manager. A product manager helps to determine parameters around the product and engineering team builds, then leads the development of that product from conception to launch. Some of the skills required for a product manager are:.

Know the careers in demand in Canada before making the course choice

There are some people who are satisfied with what they are doing because their job allows them to pursue their dream and at the end of the month pays them well too. But not everybody is lucky to be in such a situation, therefore their quest for a better job with a better pay package continues. Most people used to think, that only the CEOs and the top directors of the Multi-National Companies enjoy a hefty payment at the end, but you will be surprised to know that some several other top highest paying jobs or careers will pay you well for following your passion. If you are fond of acting, then you can make lots of money by becoming an actor as this is also one of the highest paid job in the world.

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